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Chile Heli Skiing
Chile Heli Skiing South America
Heli skiing in the Andes offers amazing terrain and vistas
The heliski runs are super long
All Chile heli skiing is small group heliskiing
The helicopter flights are half the fun!
Being way up high in the Andes is pretty special
Chile Heli Skiing South America
Heli Boarding Chile
Valle Nevado Chile
Helicopter Skiing Chile

Heli Skiing

Arpa Cat Skiing, Chile
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Heli ski Chile for an experience that is truly unique. Heli skiing in Chile sounds like a powderhound dream, something that is only possible in a Warren Miller movie. All that virgin snow amidst the spectacular terrain and vistas up high in the Andes Mountains - it’s an inimitable experience, but not an opportunity that is exclusively for the rich and famous (or Warren Miller stunt skiers). With flexible packages that include single runs, even mere mortals can enjoy a heliski Chile experience.

Heli Ski Chile

There are only a handful of Chile heli skiing operators. A couple of these offer multi-day packages that include meals and accommodation in a mountain lodge, and are similar to the typical style of Canada heli skiing.

Chilean Heliski offers multi-day Puma Lodge heli skiing packages that are incredibly luxurious. Accommodation is at the 5-star Puma Lodge where there is fine dining, fantastic wines, and the ultimate in relaxation with hot tubs, a swimming pool, steam room, and massages. The superb Andes heliski terrain is amongst awe inspiring peaks, and descents average about 1,200 metres of vertical drop. The terrain is largely glaciated so the snow is often pristine, and there’s plenty of it; 25% more than other parts of the Central Andes! Puma Lodge Heli Skiing Chile is located a couple of hours south of Santiago near Rancagua. Ground transfers from Santiago are included in the packages, or you can fly via helicopter if really want the ultimate mode of transport.

Powder South also offers multi-day packages that include lodging at a few different lodges, or you can stay in an upscale Santiago hotel as part of a private heli skiing package.

A few of the Chile heliski operators are based at ski resorts. These resort based operations provide the advantage of being able to mix and match heli skiing with resort skiing. Lift accessed skiing also provides a back up activity if the helicopter is grounded due to bad weather.

Heli skiing is available at Valle Nevado ski resort where you choose from a couple of heliski areas and undertake 1, 2 or 3 runs.

Portillo heli skiing is somewhat similar whereby you don’t have to commit to a multi-day or even multi-run package. You can just do one heli ski run if you like, but chances are you’ll be addicted after the first taste of beautiful powder, and you’ll want more! They have a booking system that is a bit strange but considering accommodation packages at Portillo Chile are week-long, it sort of works.

There’s also heli skiing at La Parva ski resort, with half day or full day programs. They have areas that cater to novice heli skiers as well as experts.

Chile Heli Skiing and Heli Boarding Terrain

The Andes Mountains are huge and some of the helicopter drop-offs are as high as 4,300 metres or even 5,000 metres. The views way up there are breathtaking, or maybe that’s just the lack of oxygen at this altitude! High elevation ensures that the snow quality is consistently excellent, and the continental snowpack is reasonably stable so skiers and boarders can make the most of some of the steep pitches.

The height of the Andes mountains also provides plenty of vertical. Slopes average an altitude drop of 1,300 metres, and some of the slopes are super long with up to 2,400 metres of vertical skiing or boarding. The quads are likely to be fried after a run that long!

Comparable to heli skiing New Zealand and heli skiing Alaska, the Chile heli skiing terrain is largely treeless with alpine bowls, couloirs and big mountain faces.

All of the heli skiing in Chile is in a small group format with a guide to guest ratio of 1:4. Unlike Canada there aren’t any big Hueys left-over from Vietnam days where they can pack 12 people in a helicopter.

Heli Skiing Chile: Typical Costs

Costs of heli skiing in Chile are similar to heli skiing USA, although the cost is really dependent upon the currency exchange, but generally heliskiing in Chile is much more expensive than New Zealand heli skiing and a little pricier than heli skiing Canada.

Week long Chile heli skiing packages that include accommodation, meals and transfers are approximately $13,000 (2013 prices in USD). At Portillo, a single run costs US$290 with subsequent runs at $195. At La Parva single day packages range from US$950 for 2-3 runs to $1,730 for 6 runs.

It may sound costly, but consider heli skiing in Chile as a fabulous investment in the joys of powder skiing. The flight alone through the Andes is worth the money, and then you also get to ride down in virgin snow.

Go Heli Skiing

Heliskiing in the Andes of Chile is an unforgettable experience, and one that is guaranteed to use up all the memory on your digital camera. Live it up. You only live once! 

Tours That Include Heli Skiing in Chile

Central Cordillera Heliskiing
7 Nights | 3 or 6 Days Heliskiing
Ability: Strong Intermediate to Expert
These private heli ski weeks comprise of either 3 or 6 days of heli skiing combined with 7 nights of accommodation that come in a variety of options. Stay in Santiago in a 5-star hotel & fly from the 55th floor of a city building, or stay in-resort on-mountain, or at a remote nature reserve
Price p/p "From price" based on Lodge Ingenio, twin/double-share room, group of 8, 7 nights, 3 days heliskiing package.
Base/invoice currency is in EURO inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 8,389
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Andes Heli Ski Packages
4 Nights | 3 Days Heliskiing
Ability: Strong Intermediate to Expert
This deluxe package is ideal for those that have limited time yet want to experience the best powder and terrain in Chile in just a few days. Available for private & mixed group tours. The package includes 3 days of heli-skiing, avo safety gear, use of skis/snowboard, 4 nights of luxury lodging, transfers, meals & more
Price p/p From price based on group of 8 (price per person) with 9 hours flying time
Base/invoice currency is in EURO inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 7,392
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Classic Heli Ski Package
7 Nights | 6 Days Heliskiing
Ability: Strong Intermediate to Expert
If you are looking for an epic week of heli skiing in the Chilean Andes, this could be the tour for you! Available for semi private groups of 4 or 8 or private groups of 12. This package includes 6 days of heli-skiing, avo safety gear, use of skis/snowboard, 7 nights of luxury lodging, transfers, meals & more
Price p/p From price based on semi-private - 2 groups of 4 - 6.5 hrs fly time per group(price per person)
Base/invoice currency is in EURO inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 7,392
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