Food & Nightlife

Wagner Custome Skis
With most of the buildings in Silverton boarded up for the winter, dining and drinking options are very limited.

Silverton Restaurants

The Pickle Barrel (1304 Greene Street) is the best spot for lunch or dinner (only open until 8:30pm). The building is historic like everywhere else in town, and the ambience is very cosy and welcoming. A range of hearty meals are on offer including prime rib, steaks and burgers. The serves are large and if you’ve really worked up an appetite tramping up the mountains at Silverton, just order three courses because the food is so cheap. The drinks also go for a song. The wines by the glass are just OK, but they have other drinks such as beers and Keylime margaritas that are absolutely yummy! (and potent!)

The Pride of the West (1323 Greene St) has a range of simple pub food such as burgers and wings. Members of PETA may be revolted by the big moose head above the fireplace, but this is the wild west after all!

Mother Kluckers (116E 12th Street) is a broastery, which essentially means that it specialises in chicken wings. It’s really more of a sports bar than a restaurant, so there’s other pub food on offer and plenty of beer.

Brown Bear Café is another option (1129 Greene Street) for breakfast and lunch.

Bars & Nightlife

Après at Silverton Mountain is particularly merry. It’s a shame that après doesn’t come with a view, but it’s very enjoyable nonetheless. Sitting in a completely no frills tent on old car seats is a fantastic equaliser, and all and sundry can’t help but bond. Everyone sits around the pot belly stove coughing with a wetness typical of altitude sickness, and tells stories of the legendary skiing experiences of the day. Beverage options are limited to beer but no one has any expectations for cocktails.

There is nightlife in Silverton but it’s not too vivacious as only the hard-core (and those incredibly acclimatised to the altitude) can hike and ski at Silverton with a hang-over. And considering the town is at an elevation of 9,318 feet (2,840 metres) sea-level dwellers will feel more than tipsy after a few drinks.

Other than Pride of the West and Mother Kluckers, another popular drinking spot is the Montanya Distillery (1332 “Notorious” Blair Street, Silverton). I’ve always associated rum with Cuba, but apparently making rum in the mountains is not just possible but superior because altitude aids the ageing process. During winter the distillery is open for cocktails, tours and free tastings Thursday to Sunday (same as Silverton Mountain) from 4 to 7pm, but double check this because the hours can be a little flexible.

The other drinking activity is the Silverton brewery (1333 Greene Street, Silverton). They are open on Friday and Saturday nights during winter.