Facilities & Services

Facilities & Services

Silverton Mountain Facilities and Services

Silverton Mountain has modelled itself on the no frills approach of the New Zealand club fields. However the day lodges at the NZ club fields seem glitzy in comparison to the tent structure used as the “day lodge” at Silverton. The tent is located about an 80 metre walk up the hill from the carpark on a slippery little slope – this is the first filter for unfit or lazy skiers!

The initial morning proceedings occur in the chilly tent. Luckily there are no crowds at Silverton, because the staff and the facilities can’t cope with small groups of visitors. The check in process is disorganised mayhem and you can sign your waivers sitting on one of the old car seats that have springs poking out of them.

The tent is not particularly large so the guide distribution and safety briefing is done down in the freezing cold car park.

Restroom facilities are located behind the tent. These are very basic pit toilets and there might even be toilet paper if you’re lucky!

Eating On Mountain

There is a little bar in the tent that sells snacks and drinks. Lunch has to be ordered in the morning and you get a roll, chips, water and a muesli bar.

Facilities for Children

There are no facilities for children on-mountain or in Silverton.

Ski School

The assumption is made that you already know how to ski or board really well, so there are no ski or snowboard lessons available.

Ski and Snowboard Rental

Ski and snowboard rental is available at Silverton Mountain in a little bus near the tent. A range of demo powder skis are for rent that range from 98mm underfoot up to mega fats. Various demo Venture snowboards are also for rent but you may have to BYO bindings. Venture custom made snowboards are based in Silverton so it seems apt to try one out!

Also located in Silverton is Scotty Bob’s Skiworks, a company specialising in custom built skis. They offer free ski demos on Fridays and Saturdays although they’ll gladly accept tips and beer as partial payment! 

The other option for ski and snowboard rental is the Gear Exchange shop at Kendall Mountain in town.

The bus also rents out avalanche equipment and a backpack to carry the gear. These backpacks are specifically designed to strap on skis or a snowboard and will make hiking so much easier. Otherwise if you don't have your own, you can purchase avalanche safety gear here.


Whilst the guides can help with basic first aid needs, take care with your health as the closest medical facilities are a long way away. Apart from ski related injuries, a common affliction is altitude sickness. At the giddy heights of Silverton, many of the “locals” find it amusing that the newbies from sea level have wet coughs typical of altitude sickness. However this illness should be taken seriously and prevention is the best cure. A prescription can be obtained from your doctor for Diamox or Viagra, although the latter obviously has some interesting side effects! Consider a couple of warm up days at Durango Mountain Resort, Telluride, or Silverton Powdercats to acclimatise. Minimise or eliminate alcohol intake and keep well hydrated with non-alcoholic fluids.