Palisades Tahoe Resort Facilities

Palisades Tahoe Resort Facilities

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Palisades Tahoe Ski Rentals

There are plentiful Palisades Tahoe ski rental and snowboard shops in the village and also at the Resort at Squaw Creek, so prices are reasonably competitive and the quality is good.

There are also stacks of ski rental shops in the nearby towns of Truckee and Tahoe City, as well as ski rental delivery services that will bring equipment to your lodging.

Ski School

As to be expected of a resort of such high calibre, Palisades Tahoe has a quality ski and snowboard school with a range of programs.

Facilities for Children

Kids can have group ski and snowboard lessons from age 3 to 13. Ages 3-4 can have a half day lessons, whilst ages 5-7 have full day lessons.

For childcare, there are also various babysitting service providers who can come to your lodging to provide child care.

Eating On Mountain

The High Camp and nearby Gold Coast areas offer the only on-mountain eateries. This is very good for beginners and family groups as they are up in the heart of the action. There are outdoor tables where you can lap up the views on sunny days, but it can be hard to find a seat.

Each location has a variety of dining styles available which will appeal to most tastes, but the food tends to be rather pricy compared to some of the lower profile Tahoe ski resorts.

The Terrace Restaurant at High Camp is a lovely sit down restaurant, offering panoramic views across Lake Tahoe and the surrounding mountains.

Otherwise it’s largely American cafeteria food, which you would think of as “fast food”, but one day we waited 25 minutes to get a burger and fries (and it wasn’t even a busy day!).