El Colorado Shopping


El Colorado Shopping

El Colorado Ski Shops

At El Colorado there are various shops scattered around the base of the ski area. None of ski shops at El Colorado are particularly large, so it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for. Hardware in particular is hard to come by, so if you’re in the market for new skis or a snowboard you’ll need to go to one of the Santiago ski shops.

At the Colorado Apart Hotel there is a tiny ski boutique selling very limited outerwear and a few accessories. Downstairs in their rental store they also sell a few very basic ski accessories.

Across the road in Los Zorros building is a tiny shop that sells a small range of snowboards and limited clothing.

La Bolsa Del Ski have a shop on the carpark side of El Parador building. They cater well to the racing teams with various racing suits, racing accessories and waxing products. They also have an array of other items for sale, with only a tiny of range of each including ski jackets, goggles, après boots, snowshoes, and helmets. Helly Hansen is next door, selling a small range of outerwear and in El Parador complex there is a tiny shop selling goggles and sunglasses.

Otherwise the only other shopping opportunities are at the “ski shops” which may sell a few ski and snowboard accessories, but they are essentially equipment rental outlets. Examples of these are the colourful Ski Shop Las Terrazas and the shop in the Monteblanco building, although the latter also sells a few pairs of skis.

El Colorado Souvenirs

La Bolsa Del Ski sells a few El Colorado souvenirs, however souvenir central is a couple of doors down at El Colorado Store. They have the resort logo emblazoned across an array of souvenirs including shell jackets, t-shirts, polar fleeces, caps, and glasses. They even have an El Colorado souvenir clock!

Grocery Shopping

The Monteblanco apartment building has a mini-market selling basic groceries and some wine. Prices are reasonable for an on-mountain grocery store, but are more inflated than what you’ll find in Santiago.