Getting to Antillanca

Getting to Antillanca

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Where is Antillanca?

The Antillanca ski resort is about 100km/62 miles west of the city of Osorno, 924km/574 miles south of Santiago in Los Lagos Region. Antillanca is located on the Casablanca Volcano in the Puyehue National Park.

Getting to Osorno

From Santiago you can fly down to Osorno (Cañal Bajo Carlos Hott Siebert Airport), or get there on a bus with a super comfortable reclined seat aka bed. From Osorno it’s possible to get a costly taxi to Antillanca and there are also occasional local buses that go to Aguas Calientes which gets you close but not quite there, so you really need wheels to get there.

Driving to Antillanca

If you rent a car to self-drive, the drive from the Chile side is east on the International Route 215 (towards Bariloche). Even though it’s only about 100km from Osorno, the drive can take 1:45 to 2 hours. Firstly the road between Osorno and Puyehue is full of pot holes which slows things down somewhat. The drive along Lake Puyehue is beautiful to Entre Lagos, and further along is the right turn on U485 towards Antillanca which is well signposted.

Just past Termas de Aqua Calientes the road turns to gravel. The 18km drive past there is rather picturesque in amongst the forest, but the drive can be a little challenging and/or scary due to dodgy looking bridges, some unmarked ditches on the side of the road, icy roads, and narrow spots only wide enough for one car to pass through.

It’s compulsory to carry chains for the car. If you haven’t organised these with your car rental, there’s a place in Entre Lagos that rents them.

If driving over from Argentina, the Paso Cardenal Samoré (aka Puyehue Pass) is generally open during winter unless a big snow storm has just come through, and the drive is absolutely spectacular.

Getting Around Antillanca

The base area at Antillanca is small so it’s easy enough to navigate on foot.

Other Ski Resorts Nearby

The Osorno Volcano ski resort is close to Osorno.

Antillanca is only 30km from the Argentine border and it’s not far from the Argentina ski resorts of Cerro Bayo and Cerro Catedral.