Villa la Angostura Shopping

Villa la Angostura Shopping

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Villa la Angostura Shopping

Most of the Villa la Angostura shops are located on Av Arrayanes and the little arcades that branch off from this main street. The Villa la Angostura shopping is interesting. There are lots of unique gift shops, handicrafts, clothing boutiques, local produce, and lots of great chocolate shops.

Villa la Angostura Ski and Snowboard Shops

Villa la Angostura has various shops that rent out ski and snowboard equipment. Prices are very reasonable and the quality of the equipment is pretty good.

There aren’t many retail shops that are purely for skiing or snowboarding. More common are outdoor stores, and there are a few brand name shops that have outerwear and other clothing that you might wear skiing or snowboarding.

Proshop Aventura is the best ski shop in town. It’s a small shop so it only has a limited range of apparel and equipment. They also sell a small amount of hardwear and backcountry gear, which you might not find elsewhere in Villa la Angostura.

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Villa la Angostura Chocolate Shops

Like other areas of the Lakes District, Villa la Angostura has lots of chocolate shops, some of which also sell ice-cream. In addition to fabulous “chain-store” type shops like Mamuschka (the best chocolate in town, well in my opinion anyway!) that are seen around the other nearby towns, Villa la Angostura also has some very boutique chockie shops.

The chocolates have lots of different fillings and some of the shops may give you a little sample, although the chocolates are inexpensive so you can buy to your heart’s content. You may need to do a lot of exercise to counteract the chocolate energy you’ll consume!

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Local Handicrafts

Many of the gift shops sell a range of locally made crafts. There is also a daily artisans market that operates behind the information centre. The goods include wool clothing such as ponchos and hats, wood carvings, pottery, candles, and even products with origins from the aftermath of the nearby volcanic eruption. Mapuche handicrafts like silver goods are also sold. And if you’re hungry, local produce is also sold.

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Grocery Shopping

Villa la Angostura has two large supermarkets in the main street as well as one in Av Siete Lagos.