Ushuaia Restaurants

Ushuaia Restaurants

Ushuaia Restaurants

Downtown Ushuaia has a very high concentration of restaurants and eateries. Many of the Ushuaia restaurants have a good emphasis on seafood, and lamb is also rather popular. Otherwise most of the cuisine is typical Argentine food and many of the Ushuaia restaurants don’t offer a lot of cuisine diversity.

The biggest diversity is in the quality of the Ushuaia restaurants. The town has some very lovely dining establishments, along with some cheap eateries where they think it’s OK to serve you up stale bread and funky ham and cheese!

La Estancia seems a good place to start. The aroma of the burning flesh greets you from down the street, and in typical parrilla style you’ll see the lamb cooking on the fire at the front of the restaurant. The restaurant has all-you-can-eat packages as well as an a la carte menu that includes lots of fare that’s not barbequed. The quality of the food is OK, it’s reasonably priced, and the service is very good.

Our favourite restaurant in Ushuaia was Paso Garibaldi. This small restaurant had some delightfully unique fare including lots of seafood. The quality of the food was exceptional and the service excellent. And when it came time to pay, the bill was a fraction of what we had expected.

Kaupé is located in the upper part of town, so it affords nice views across the water. It also features lots of seafood, some with French influence including their speciality, the Centolla Fueguina" (spider crab). This is a reasonably expensive Ushuaia restaurant.

Küar Resto Bar is about a 5 minute taxi ride out of town, and perched right above the water on the shores of the Beagle Channel, offering amazing water views. The interiors are also very welcoming and the restaurant serves up tapas or meals with a good emphasis on seafood.

Bar Ideal looked funky and appealing, but the food was funky tasting and unappealing – it was bar unideal! It’s a major tourist trap due to its location on the main street.