Perito Moreno Lifts & Terrain

Perito Moreno Lifts & Terrain

Our Terrain Ratings

Powderhound rating = advanced/expert terrain + powder + freshies + uncrowded

Our Terrain Ratings

Powderhound rating = advanced/expert terrain + powder + freshies + uncrowded
  • Perito Moreno Piste Trail Map
  • Vertical (m)
    1,000 – 1,450 (450)
  • Average Snow Fall
    ?  metres
  • Lifts (5)
    1 double chair
    1 T-bar
  • Ski Hours
    July - Sept
  • Terrain Summary
    Runs – 5
    Longest run – ? km
    Beginner - 20%
    Intermediate - 60%
    Advanced - 20%

Perito Moreno Ski and Snowboard Terrain

The Perito Moreno in-bounds terrain is all below the tree line. It’s only a wee little ski area and is best suited to beginners. Snow conditions are not Perito Moreno’s forte, so this generally isn’t a ski resort for powderhounds.

The Perito Moreno ski area can be loosely categorised into three vertical parts. The lower two thirds feature a long intermediate run and a beginner trail that snakes its way down the mountain. This area is serviced by a slow double chairlift. When we visited Perito Moreno, the lower third of the ski resort had no snow cover on the intermediate run and very patchy cover on the beginner run. The section below the refugio was completely bare.

A t-bar covers the upper two thirds of the ski area, which mainly services the upper part of the intermediate run. At the top of the chair lift (ie the top third of the ski area) is the main beginners’ area.


Perito Moreno has one long double chair lift that runs from the base and can be downloaded if necessary. In addition to the t-bar, there are three platter lifts in the beginner area. A couple of these are at ridiculously low heights and clearly designed for the ankle biters!

Lift Tickets

Lift tickets at Perito Moreno are very cheap, but the price tag is probably in line with the facilities and infrastructure on offer. Kids under 14 ski for free!

Half day tickets are also available, and sometimes weekend queues for the ticket office develop in the early afternoon when the locals turn up for “siesta”.

Snow and Weather Conditions

The mild weather conditions that are great for growing fruit and hops in El Bolson are not particularly conducive to snow quantity or quality up at Perito Moreno. Other factors that don’t bode well for Perito Moreno include a low elevation and slopes that sit in the sun most of the morning, and the ski resort can’t cheat because they don’t have any snow making cannons.

The grooming of the slopes was fairly rudimentary in areas (which is somewhat typical of Argentina), but this is to be expected considering it’s a no frills ski area.

Some websites cite that Perito Moreno doesn’t need much snow cover because there is only tussocky grass on the slopes. Sure there are no huge boulders in the middle of the runs, but there are definitely rocks, particularly on the mogul run. Scrapes on the base of my skis would be testament to this!

For the Beginner

Perito Moreno only has a handful of trails and most of these are for beginners. The area for the never-ever beginners is adjacent to the kiosk, so you can sit on the deck and the novices are within hollering distance. Beginners can progress onto the platter lifts that are 20 metres further up the hill, and then onto the green trail serviced by the t-bar.

If there is adequate snow cover, fit beginners can tackle the trail that weaves down to the base area. Very fit and adventurous beginners can hike up from the t-bar and ride a green trail that takes a wide berth back down to the top of the chair lift. Just check that it’s been groomed before heading up.

Intermediate Skiing and Snowboarding

There is a tiny little intermediate run that is serviced by the platter lifts. Otherwise there is the one big long red run that goes from top to bottom. One limitation for intermediates is that the top part of the run may not be groomed and the moguls make it more of an advanced run. Another limitation is that the bottom part of the slope may not have snow cover, so it’s more suitable for hikers! That being said, when there is snow and it’s groomed, this red run has a delightful pitch for hooning.

For the Family

Perito Moreno is very popular with families, partly because of the cheap lift tickets, but also because of the beginner terrain. The beginner slopes are in very close proximity to the outdoor seating at the kiosk.

Terrain Park

A very small terrain park is sometimes set up in the main beginners’ area. When we visited the terrain park was closed, but it consisted of a rail and a big jump, albeit somewhat sketchy.

Advanced Skiing at Perito Moreno

If the top of the red run hasn’t been groomed, the bumps might keep advanced skiers entertained for a little while.

A hike up from the t-bar will lead to a trail that traverses left and provides a small variety of off-piste lines. Alternatively if you don’t want to hike you can just traverse left from the t-bar and play in the trees there. A few other websites cite that off-piste skiing is not possible because the undergrowth is too dense. This is not the case and the trees are adequately spaced. The most likely deterrent from wanting to ride off-piste may be the snotty snow!

For the Powderhound

Apparently there are some good backcountry opportunities above the tree line.