Getting to Perito Moreno

Getting to Perito Moreno

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Where is Perito Moreno?

Cerro Perito Moreno is an Andean mountain, and the base of the Perito Moreno ski resort is 26 km (16 miles) north of the town of El Bolson, a drive that takes about 40 minutes.

El Bolsón sits at the foot of Mount Piltriquitrón on the banks of the Quemquemtreu River. El Bolson is located in the Lake District of Patagonia in the Rio Negro Province of Argentina. El Bolson is 121 km south of Bariloche, a drive that takes about 1.5 hours.

Travel to El Bolson

Bariloche (BRC) is the gateway airport for El Bolson. See the Bariloche travel page for information on getting to Bariloche or you can use one of our flight search engines to find the best rates for flights to San Carlos de Bariloche.

There are a raft of car rental companies at the airport and competition drives the prices pretty low. You can search and book Bariloche car rental here.

Alternatively there are lots of bus companies that head south from Bariloche to El Bolson.

Driving from El Bolson to Perito Moreno

Head north on RA 40 towards Bariloche. Turn left after the river where there’s a little sign to Parque Aerobatico, from where the road becomes unpaved. Head through an area known as Mallin Ahogado and turn left where it’s sign posted to Cerro Perito Moreno, then turn right at the T intersection (also sign-posted).

The unpaved road has lots of pot holes and is somewhat rough, but you’ll manage in a 2WD vehicle. The road is not steep nor particularly windy. Signage along the road suggests that you’re supposed to carry snow chains, but unless you get these from the car rental company (e.g. Hertz can provide them), there doesn’t appear to be anywhere in El Bolson where you can rent chains.

The small car park is located very close to the lift ticket office and the chair lift. The car parking is free. The only potential downside of the car park may be its muddiness. Don’t wear your new white or colourful pants because they’ll get dirty. Fit in with the locals and wear natural coloured ski gear from God knows how many years ago!

Private Transport Providers to Perito Moreno

There are a couple of shuttle bus companies that run shuttles between El Bolson and Cerro Perito Moreno. Otherwise if money is not of major concern, get a taxi or remise to take you there.