Perito Moreno Facilities

Perito Moreno Facilities

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Perito Moreno Ski Resort Facilities

The Perito Moreno ski area is very no-frills, and whilst the amenities are simple, they cover the basics.

Equipment Rental & Ski Shop

The base building has a ski and snowboard rental outlet. The quality of the equipment is pretty reasonable and will be more than adequate for beginner and intermediate riders.

Best of all, it’s offered at rock bottom prices. The ski rental shop also rents out sleds.

The rental shop also doubles as a retail ski shop, selling just a few basic ski and snowboard accessories.

The town of El Bolson also has a couple of ski shops that rent out clothing and ski and snowboard equipment.

Ski School

Perito Moreno has a small ski and snowboard school that focuses on lessons for beginners. The ski school also has a snow kindergarten that specialise in kids lessons.

Eating On Mountain

Meals are available at the refugio, which is about 50 metres up the hill from the base building.

At the top of the first chairlift is Plaza Cipriano Soria which has some hearty fare as well as empanadas and other snacks, and beverages. It also seems completely acceptable to brown bag it too. The café has some indoor seating as well as an outdoor deck with tables and chairs. This is the perfect spot to perch in the sun and watch the kiddies on the beginners’ slopes.

At 1,640m elevation is another restaurant that serves up mountain dishes and sweet delicacies.