Bariloche Food & Nightlife

Bariloche Food & Nightlife

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Bariloche Restaurants San Carlos de Bariloche has oodles of restaurants, either along the lake road where they offer scenic views, or in the downtown area. The two main streets of Mitre and Moreno have the greatest concentration of restaurants. Like elsewhere in Patagonia, you can get a big feed and plenty of vino without burning a hole in your hip pocket.

Thanks to the Swiss, Bariloche has fondue restaurants such as La Alpina (Moreno 98). Other international cuisine is available (e.g. Mexican, Indian), but the staple fare is generally Patagonian style. Trout is common as is grilled lamb, and of course the trusty beef steak features strongly. As with the rest of Argentina and Patagonia, the Italian influences of pizza and pasta are widespread, and they have the strange custom of selling the pasta and sauce separately.

Breogan (San Martin 405) is a Spanish restaurant (supposedly!). Apart from a couple of paella dishes and tapas, everything else about the restaurant and the cuisine screams Argentine Patagonia.

Rodeo (129 Palacious) is a fabulous bar and parrilla where meat lovers can pig out in a frenzied fashion. Vegetarians will also be kept happy. Perhaps not as good as the Rodeo at Cerro Catedral with regards to décor or service, the menu is the same and you’ll still be impressed!

Bariloche Bars & Nightlife Bariloche has a rocking nightlife, and if you get the full taste of it, there’s a good chance you’ll miss first lifts at Cerro Catedral the next day. The real action doesn’t get started until about 12:30am to 1am and it hits a peak at about 3am.

For après or early evening drinks, Bariloche has lots of bars, pubs and microbreweries. The Irish Pub Wilkenny (San Martin 435) is usually vibrant as is Pilgram (Palacious 167).

Bariloche has various discos where you can get sweaty until the wee hours. Popular clubs include Pacha, Dusk, Roket and Cerebro.