Perisher shopping covers some of the essentials but it’s not really a shopping destination, in part due to the lack of proper village layout. The culture of Perisher is more centred around the skiing and snowboarding, in contrast to Thredbo Village, where some folks wander around in fancy threads to go shopping to buy more fancy threads.

Perisher Ski Shops

Perisher ski shops are mostly focussed on ski hire and snowboard rentals, with less on offer when it comes to retail, so if you’re looking for a new outfit or setup, you might be better placed to stop at Rhythm in Cooma where there is an extraordinary range of just about everything related to skiing and snowboarding.

Slopestyle Mountain Sports has 5 outlets across Perisher Valley, Blue Cow and Smiggin Holes. The main shop at Perisher Valley has a limited range of skis and snowboards that you can demo, and a small collection of other hardwear. The main focus of these Perisher ski shops is on fundamental ski and snowboard accessories.

There is also Skiducci, which is a tiny shop crammed with ski boutique wear that you might be able to wear at Thredbo.

Or if you’re in need of new ski boots, there is a boot fitter down at the Bullocks Flat station.

Rhythm Smiggins sells some outerwear, ski and snowboard accessories, and some backcountry gear such as skins and extendable poles. Your best bet for purchasing backcountry ski gear is to head to Snowy Mountains Backcountry over at Guthega which has a decent range of goodies.

Souvenir Shopping

There are a few gift shops at Perisher that sell logowear and a variety of other souvenirs such as snow globes and the like.

General Shopping Perisher

The Skitube terminal at Perisher Valley has a pharmacy as well as a supermarket that includes a good liquor section. The Foodworks is decent sized for a ski resort grocery store and has a good range of fresh food and staples.

If you’re staying at Perisher a while, there are also plenty of delivery services that come to Perisher regularly for fruit and vegetables and meat supplies.