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Getting to Mt Hutt

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Where is Mt Hutt New Zealand?

Mt Hutt is 1.5 hours from Christchurch in the Canterbury region of the South Island of New Zealand, about a 30-40 minute drive from the town of Methven.

Driving to Mt Hutt New Zealand

From Christchurch you can travel along the scenic highway 72 to get to Mt Hutt. From the main road, it is 14km up to the resort on an unsealed track that can be ice affected or muddy and slippery.

It is definitely necessary to carry chains. Try to organise chain hire when you hire a car. The mountain does hire and fit chains, but there are only limited chains available for 4WDs and there could be a long queue to get your chains fitted. On a powder day this could be disastrous! Another downside is that the chain hire and fitting service is not always open. The resort website will indicate if the chain hire and fitting operation is open.

If you choose to DIY with the chains, take a plastic sheet, dark jacket and water to wash your hands as the chain fitting area is likely to be very muddy!

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Car Parking Mount Hutt

There are multiple carparks at Mt Hutt, and if you don’t get there early you’ll need to park in a lower carpark and go for a long walk or get the shuttle bus up. Some weekends are really busy and the car park reaches capacity rather early and the access road is closed. Sometimes the resort also tries to mandate car pooling after a certain time.

As is common with most New Zealand ski resorts, the car park is likely to feature mud and keas, so don’t wear your new white pants and don’t leave anything around that keas might eat, even if it looks inedible!

Mt Hutt Shuttle

If you don't want to self-drive, there are shuttle buses from Christchurch and Methven to Mt Hutt.

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Other Ski Fields Nearby

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