Hanmer Springs Restaurants & Bars

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Hanmer Springs Restaurants & Bars

Wagner Custome Skis
If staying in the Hanmer Springs ski area, you’ll be cooking for yourself, so eating out is not an option.

Hanmer Springs Restaurants Around town, Hanmer Springs has a number of eating options which range from the passable to the disappointing. The Monteith’s brewpub is somewhat disappointing and the rest are just passable. There are a range of eateries hidden behind the main shopping strip including the Green Chilli Thai restaurant which has cheap eats.

Hearty breakfasts are available at the Heritage from the dining room. Alternatively, breakfast in the town can be a bit of a challenge. The best bet is the Powerhouse Cafe which is tucked away at the start of Jacks Pass Road behind the main shopping strip.

Bars & Nightlife Again if staying on the hill, alcohol is BYO. So if you didn’t bring it, you’re probably not drinking it! Après in the lodge can be lively depending on who’s staying.

In the town of Hanmer Springs there are a few pubs, but nothing particularly exciting. The Monteith’s Brew Pub has a good range of beers.