Hanmer Springs Facilities & Services

Hanmer Springs Facilities & Services

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Eating On Mountain The main day lodge at Hanmer Springs ski field has a small cafe that serves the very basics. The fare is pretty much a few meat pies (delicious by the way – Kiwis do have great meat pies!), cans of drink, chocolate bars, potato crisps etc. Coffee and tea are available self serve for NZ$1. The hot water is in a big dixie on the combustion stove. A ladle provides the means to access the boiling water. There are definitely no coffee baristas here!

All other food is BYO, but you can use the kitchen. There are toasted sandwich makers so bring the makings for toasted sangas and Bob’s your uncle. Who is Bob any way?

Facilities for Children Not a lot on offer at Hanmer Springs ski area. If you bring them, you look after them.

Ski School A professional ski instructor is permanently on the hill. The 2010 instructor was from Switzerland. A variety of lessons and packages are available.

Ski and Snowboard Rental Hanmer Springs ski area has rental gear available in a shed at the rear of the rope tow base. A wide variety of sizes are available. Alternatively, the town of Hanmer Springs has the Hanmer Adventure shop that can kit you out as well.

Banking Facilities Bring cash to the hill. ATMs are located on the main street of the town of Hanmer Springs.