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Getting to Craigieburn

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Where is Craigieburn?

The Craigieburn ski field is nestled under the steep face of Hamilton Peak in the Craigieburn Range. It is approximately 110km northwest (90 minutes drive) of Christchurch, in the South Island of New Zealand. It’s half-way between Springfield and Arthur’s Pass.

Getting To Craigieburn Valley

Craigieburn is well signposted off Highway 73, just past the Broken River Ski Field turn-off. From the turnoff it’s a 6km drive to the car park on a one lane road. Of course the road isn’t paved, but it feels less traumatic than the road to other New Zealand ski fields because there are beech trees on either side. These make you feel a little safer for some reason. The road gets cleared, but it is absolutely essential that all vehicles carry chains. There are no chain hire places nearby so organise this in advance.

Black Diamond Safaris are an independent operator who can provide transport to Craigieburn from Methven as part of a guided tour.

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Getting Around Craigieburn

From the unpaved car park it is a 5 minute hike up to the ticket office, and then another 5 minute hike up to the bottom tow. This must have been planned as the necessary warm-up to tackle the nutcrackers.

If you are staying overnight on-mountain, it is a 5 minute walk from the carpark up some stairs to the lodge, so pack lightly and don’t rely on using a wheelie suitcase.

Other Ski Fields Nearby 

Broken River is next door to Craigieburn Ski Field, just to the southwest.

A little further southwest again is Mt Cheeseman.

Next along the chain of Canterbury ski fields is Mt Olympus although it's not accessed off Highway 73 so it's a fair way away by road, and then Porters, which is on Highway 73.

Temple Basin is to the northwest near Arthur's Pass.