Craigieburn Facilities & Services

Craigieburn Facilities & Services

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Craigieburn Valley is a completely no-frills ski area, and that’s the way the locals like it – nice and simple, and hard-core!
Eating On MountainThe day lodge is located just above the bottom of the 3rd tow. The views are superb and the deck is a great place to bask in the sunshine and check out the action on the slopes. They sell food and drinks, including some great coffee and scrumptious hamburgers cooked out on the BBQ. There is no running drinking water available here, so you’ll have to buy it. There are also no rubbish bins with the expectation that you’ll take it with you.

Children’s facilitiesThere is no child care.

Ski SchoolGroup instruction is $22 per hour, and private lessons are $45 per hour, so the Craigieburn ski school is “cheap as chips”. Lessons are also included within various multi-day accommodation packages which are very “cheap as chips”. There is no snowboard instruction.

RentalThere is no ski or snowboard hire available. The ticket office can provide you with the nutcracker and harness for a small deposit.

Banking FacilitiesThe ticket office takes credit card.