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Japow Videos

Japow aka Japan powder is some of the best in the world! These Japow videos from Powderhounds give you a taste of why everyone raves about Japan powder skiing and snowboarding! Also check out our skiing in Hokkaido videos and ski Honshu vids. None of these Japow videos are filmed using pro skiers or riders or by professional videographers. The aim of these Japan powder skiing videos is to show you examples of the sort of experience that average people like us could get on a Japan ski trip. 

Japan Powder Skiing

Some glimpses of Japan from our recon trip in 2018 whilst we were out researching destinations to aid you in your quest to find the ultimate Japow spot.

The Powderhounds Japan skiing research trip in 2016 travelled far and wide in search of the best Japow! These Japanese vignettes give you a quick overview of what it's like in Japan.

This Japow video shows the Powderhounds supping on powder on our travels around Honshu and Hokkaido in 2014. 

This video isn't just about Japan powder skiing. The Powderhounds headed on a Japan ski safari in 2014 and show you a range of snippets from their adventures and a taste of what to expect when skiing in Japan.

Madarao Ski Resort Nagano

The Powderhounds coined the term "Mad-a-Pow" back in 2014 because Madarao is renowned as being a great Japan powder skiing destination. On our visit in 2018 it lived up to the hype of its slogan. The Japow was mad! It snowed 1.5 metres in 2 days, so no great surprise that the face shots just kept coming thick and fast and the GoPro was often caked in powder!

Niseko Japan

Niseko is the capital of Japan powder skiing and you can score Japow with resort skiing, backcountry skiing and cat skiing.

Iwanai Cat Skiing

Iwanai Cat Skiing seems to be the new "it" place for Japan powder skiing. Iwanai Cat Skiing is located near Niseko in Hokkaido (footage from 2018).


The Tohoku region includes the prefectures of Aomori, Iwate, Akita, Yamagata and Fukushima. If want to get off the beaten track of international skiers and snowboarders, where there is very little competition for the fresh powder and where cultural immersion (and onsen immersion) is high, Tohoku skiing or snowboarding is for you! The best way to get the most out of Tohoku is to go on a multi-resort tour or DIY tour and sample lots of the Tohoku ski resorts.