Zao Onsen Shopping

Zao Onsen Shopping

Zao Onsen Shopping

Being a tourist hot springs resort town, Zao Onsen has some opportunities for touristy type shopping.

Zao Onsen Souvenir Shopping

The town has a lot of souvenir and gift shops that largely cater to the domestic tourist trade. The largest concentration of shops is in the main tourist street, Takayu dori. Many of the shops have the typical Japanese souvenirs including a focus on packaged confectionary, cakes and other food related gifts. A large range of local sake is sold as well as wine (if you’re into Japanese wine!).

Wood carving is popular in the region, and the wooden Kokeshi dolls are particularly renowned in the area. There are a couple of Zao Onsen shops that specialize in the Kokeshi dolls.

Zao Ski Shops

The various ski rental shops also have small retail sections with ski and snowboard accessories such as goggles, beanies, and gloves. The largest ski and snowboard shop is probably the one in the Zao Base Center Jupia where they sell a range of other accessories.

If you’re after new hardwear (skis, boots, or snowboard) or a new jacket or pair of snow pants, you’d be best placed to buy it before you arrive in Zao Onsen.

General Shopping

Zao Onsen has a couple of convenience stores such as the Family Mart on the main road (Jyuhyo dori). The main tourist street (Takayu dori) also has a small grocery store.

There is a pharmacy for basic medications and sundries if you have a ski or snowboard related injury.