Travel to Mt Norikura Ski Resort

Travel to Mt Norikura Ski Resort

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Where is Mt Norikura?

There are two Norikura ski resorts in the Nagano Prefecture so it can get a little confusing. This is not Norikura in Hakuba next to Cortina, but rather the Blue Resort Norikura Snow Resort which is located near the border with Gifu Prefecture on Mount Norikura (Norikura dake). Norikura Kogen is the large village that sits at the base of the ski area.

Mt Norikura Ski Resort is located 43km southwest of the city of Matsumoto which is famous for the Matsumoto Castle, and 106km southwest of the city of Nagano.

Driving to Mt Norikura

Driving is the easiest way to get to Mt Norikura Ski Resort and it provides the most flexibility to chase the snow and/or explore some of the nearby ski areas.

The telephone number for GPS navigation is 0263 93 2645. From Matsumoto, the road up to Norikura Kogen is beautiful and includes plenty of great engineering feats such as tunnels, bridges and dam walls. The narrow mountain road can be challenging on a snowy day, and the road usually acquires some impressive snow walls.

Train and Bus to Mt Norikura

It’s possible to get there via train and bus, although it’s rather clunky. There are buses from the Shin Shimashima Station on the Kamikochi line which is 29km away, or occasional shuttles from Matsumoto station (reservations required with Alpico) which is 43km away.

Getting Around the Ski Resort

Norikura Kogen is quite a large village and there is a lot of accommodation that is not easy walking distance to the slopes. If you have a car can you easily drive to one of the car parts of the ski resort or to a restaurant if you don’t have dinner included in your accommodation package. Otherwise there are a few bus routes that go around the village, or your accommodation host may be willing to provide shuttles.

Other Ski Resorts Nearby

Mt Norikura Ski Resort is 92km (2 hour drive) southwest of Hakuba and about a 2:15 hour drive from Myoko Kogen, and if the precipitation is bordering on raining at these two ski regions, you may want to drive to the high elevation Mt Norikura as an alternative.

Nomugi Toge is 30km by road to the southeast, which is a mediocre ski area for powder hounds.

The small Hirayu Onsen in Gifu is 29km to the northwest and it has some steep tree skiing if you have good route finding skills.

Ciao Ontake in Gifu is also within reasonable driving distance, however it appears that this little powder hound gem is no longer operational since some flooding issues in 2018.