Getting To Maiko Resort

Getting To Maiko Resort

Where is Maiko Japan?

Maiko Snow Resort is located in Minami Uonuma Japan in the Niigata Prefecture, only 9km north of the town of Yuzawa, so it’s considered as one of the Yuzawa ski resorts.

Maiko backs onto the Iwappara ski area, although they’re not quite inter-connected via the slopes.

In addition to the Maiko ski resort, there is a small town called Maiko which is just off the Kanetsu Expressway and a couple of kilometres from the ski area. The town has various pensions, a few shops, and a massive condo complex.

Driving to Maiko Snow Resort

Having a car is ideal if you’re not staying in central Yuzawa and want to explore various Yuzawa ski resorts.

The phone number of the Maiko Ski Resort for GPS navigation is 025-783-4100.

The Maiko base (hotel side) of Maiko Snow Resort is about 1km from the Route 17 Shiozawa Ishiuchi Interchange. In addition to overnight guests, this is a good base for beginners to start from.

The Day Ski Centre (Nagamine side) is a little further to the northwest of the hotel.

Car parking is free on weekdays whilst Saturdays and holidays attract a small charge.

Train and Bus to Maiko

If Maiko is your only skiing destination or you’re staying in central Yuzawa, you won’t need a car.

You can catch a bullet train to the Echigo-Yuzawa train station. From Tokyo the Joetsu Shinkansen takes only about 80 minutes to get to Yuzawa. See google maps or Japan Travel Navitime for fares and timetables.

From the Echigo-Yuzawa train station there are free connecting buses to Maiko that take about 20 minutes.

Getting Around Maiko

The hotel base and the day ski centre base of the Maiko Snow Resort are 4km by road from each other. You can ski or snowboard between the two areas, otherwise there are regular shuttle buses between the two base areas and the town – handy if you’ve missed the last connection lift of the day to get back over to the other side!

Other Ski Resorts Nearby

There are lots of other ski resorts near Maiko including the quaint Granview, and Ishiuchi Maruyama is about 5km by road to the southwest.

See the getting to the Yuzawa ski resorts page for information on the many resorts in the area, the distances from Yuzawa, and transport options.