Getting to Hakuba Iwatake

Getting to Hakuba Iwatake

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Where is Hakuba Iwatake?

Hakuba Iwatake is one of the central ski resorts in the Hakuba Valley. The base of Iwatake is only 3.5km northwest of the Hakuba train station.

Kirikubo is the little village at the base of the slopes of Iwatake. A few minutes walk from the slope is the little village of Shinden.

Getting to Hakuba Iwatake

If you’re staying in one of the Iwatake villages, you have a few options for getting there:
  • Trains to Hakuba then get your accommodation to pick you up
  • Get a Nagano Snow Shuttle from the Tokyo airports to Hakuba and then get your accommodation to pick you up
  • Train to Nagano then bus
  • Get Alpico bus from Shinjuku Tokyo which stops at Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort, or there are overnight buses from Osaka and Kyoto
See the Hakuba travel page for general information on getting to Hakuba.

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Travel to Iwatake from Elsewhere in Hakuba

There is an extensive network of buses around the Hakuba Valley. Your accommodation will be able to provide you with timetables.

There are free resort-run buses to Iwatake from:
  • Misorano
  • Echoland
  • Nakiyama Slope of Happo One
  • Happo bus terminal
  • Tsugaike Gondola
  • Wadano – Mominoki and Tokyu hotels, Sakka slope
  • Downtown Hakuba including Hakuba train station
There are also Hakuba Valley shuttle buses (free for those with Epic Pass or Hakuba Valley lift pass) to Iwatake from:
  • Tsugaike and Sierra Resort Hotel
  • Goryu, Hakuba 47, Echoland, Happo Nakiyama slopes, Happo bus terminal, Wadano Tokyu hotel
To get a bus to/from Iwatake to/from Norikura and Cortina, you’ll need to change buses in Tsugaike.

In the evenings there is an on-demand free night taxi from 5-10pm that operates during peak season. It does specific stops at Iwatake, Happo, Wadano, downtown Hakuba, Echoland, Misorano, and Goryu. Reservation is required via an app to use the shared-ride taxi service. Outside of those hours, you’ll need to try your luck with a taxi.

Driving to Iwatake

The phone number for Iwatake for GPS navigation is 0261-72-2474.

There is priority parking near the gondola for those with an upgraded special class ticket, otherwise you’ll need to park in the central parking lot or one of the two overflow car parks.

Ski Resorts Nearby

Road distances to other Hakuba ski resorts from Iwatake: