Getting to Goryu, Hakuba

Getting to Goryu, Hakuba

Where is Goryu Ski Resort?

The Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort is one of the Hakuba Valley ski areas. Hakuba 47 Ski Resort (which is connected to Goryu via the slopes) sits to the north of Goryu and then there’s Happo One Ski Resort further north. The Sanosaka Snow Resort sits to the south of Goryu (about 4.5km by road).

Goryu Ski Resort has two base areas: the Goryu Toomi base (and Escal Plaza) to the south is the larger of the two and has a corresponding village; and the smaller Iimori base is 1.4km to the north of Toomi. The Goryu Toomi base is 1.2km from the Kamishiro train station.

See the Hakuba travel page for general information on the location of Hakuba and getting there.

Getting to Goryu/Kamishiro

Bus to Hakuba From Narita Airport or Haneda Airport
One way to get to your Goryu accommodation is to get a Hakuba airport bus, and for the late night bus, you can choose to get dropped off at your hotel. There are only a couple of schedules per day for the Narita Airport to Hakuba bus and Haneda Airport to Hakuba bus.

The easiest way to get to Goryu from the airports is to get a Chuo Taxi (either shared taxi or private charter).

[AdListings collection="Japan" category="Hakuba" subcategory="Airport Transfers"] Train to Hakuba Goryu
If you want to experience the culture of train travel, you can catch a train from Narita Airport to Tokyo (or Ueno), then a bullet train to Nagano, and a local train to Kamishiro on the JR Oito line. See Japan Travel by Navitime for schedules and rates (also see the Hakuba travel page for more information on the trains). From the Kamishiro train station, most Goryu hotels and pensions provide an arrival/departure transfer.  

The other option is to catch a bus from Nagano train station to the Hakuba Goryu bus stop, and get your accommodation to pick you up from there.

Bus to Goryu For Day Trips
If you’re staying elsewhere in Hakuba in one of the main villages (e.g. Happo, Echoland, Wadano), there are lots of bus routes that get you to Goryu and Hakuba 47.

There are two main bus types: the “Hakuba Goryu Free Shuttle Bus”; and the “Hakuba Valley Shuttle Service” which is free if you have a Hakuba Valley lift pass, otherwise there’s a small fee.

Or there are some Hakuba accommodations that provide their own private shuttle services.

Driving to Goryu
Or for the ultimate in freedom to explore the Hakuba Valley, having a rental car is an ideal way to get to Goryu Ski Resort. With GPS technology, it’s really easy to drive around, and all you have to do is enter the phone number of where you want to go. The phone number for the Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort is 0261-75-2101.

Getting Around Hakuba

If you’re staying in the Goryu area and you don’t have a car, it’s also possible to get to other Hakuba ski resorts via the bus system. There are only a couple of bus stops in the Goryu village, but it’s easy enough to get to Happo One or the Happo bus terminal. From there, you can get a bus to any of the other Hakuba Valley ski resorts.

Getting from Goryu to other parts of Hakuba in the evening is a little more limiting. The Goryu Ski Resort Night Bus and the Genki-Go Night Shuttle Bus both travel from Goryu to Echoland and Wadano, but the schedules aren’t particularly frequent and don’t go into the wee hours if you want to party on.

Getting Around Goryu Village (Kamishiro)

The village at the base of Goryu Toomi (Kamishiro) has plenty of wooded areas and space. It’s rather pretty but the downside is that it’s not compact and there’s some decent walking involved to get around. It’s the antithesis of Echoland where there’s a busy main street with a high concentration of restaurants, bars and shops. In Goryu, you’re hard pressed to find many restaurants unless you look hard.

To get from your Goryu accommodation to the ski resort in the morning is uphill, so thankfully some hotels and lodges provide a shuttle service to prevent you from turning into a sweaty mess before you even start skiing or snowboarding. Depending on where you’re staying, to get “home” in the afternoon can be much easier because there are a couple of “footpaths” you can ski down to minimise the walking required.

There is a Triangle Shuttle Bus that runs between Goryu Toomi, Goryu Iimori and Hakuba 47, but they don’t go as often as you’d think for such a short route.