Getting To Geto Kogen

Getting To Geto Kogen

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Where is Geto Kogen?

Geto Kogen Ski Resort is sort of out in the middle of nowhere! Geto Kogen is located 25km southwest of Kitakami and 73km southwest of the city of Morioka. Geto is located in the Iwate Prefecture of northern Honshu (Tohoku region) in Japan. 

Train and Bus to Geto Kogen

It is possible to get to Geto Kogen via train and bus, although it can be a little hard to make head or tail of the bus timetables. Definitely look closely at the weather forecasts because without a car there’s no flexibility to head off somewhere else if the blizzards at Geto close the lifts.

The closest train station is Kitakami which is on the Tohoku Shinkansen route, so it’s fast and easy to get there from various spots around Honshu. From Tokyo, the bullet train takes only 170-180 minutes. Check Japan Travel Navitime for timetables and rates.

From the Kitakami train station there is an irregular bus service to and from Geto Kogen.

Driving to Geto Kogen

Having your own wheels provides the most flexibility but that can pose its own challenges. The phone number of Geto Kogen is 0197-65-9000 for GPS navigation purposes. However sometimes the GPS may try to take you the wrong way and the GPS won’t know which roads are cleared if it’s snowing and blowing. The drive can be rather sketchy and sometimes the road might be completely snowed in.

One alternative is to head there on a multi-resort tour with guides who can tackle these challenges for you.

Other Ski Resorts Nearby

Geto Kogen is in reasonably vicinity of other northern Tohoku ski resorts that could also be included on a road trip.

Road distances from Geto Kogen: