Facilities & Services


Facilities & Services

Powder Odyssey - chase the powder in Northern Honshu
The services, facilities and hospitality at Appi Ski Resort are very good. The Resort Centre and Appi Plaza have extensive facilities for day trippers, and there are further amenities at the Hotel Appi Grand and other resort hotels.

Facilities for Children

Appi is a pretty good Japanese ski resort for families with small children.

Firstly the Appi Happy Snow Park is very impressive. Conveniently situated in front of the Hotel Appi Grand, the fenced off park provides buckets of fun for kids. In addition to lots of playground equipment, the park has magic carpets to service tubing, tobogganing, and skiing. The park is open during the day and attracts a small fee for kids aged 3 and over.

Child care is available in the Appi Plaza for children aged 1-10 years old. It’s reasonably inexpensive. The only potential limitation is that babysitting is not provided from 12 noon to 1:30pm so you have to pick up the kids for lunch. Reservations are highly recommended. Additionally, Appi frequently has different family oriented festivals and events.

Appi Kogen Ski School and Snowboard School

For kids ages 3-12, Appi offers lessons on an indoor slope and incorporates games and fun equipment, however group lessons are with a Japanese speaking instructor, whilst private lessons can be with an English speaking instructor.

For teenagers and adults, lessons with an English speaking instructor are also just held in a private format.

Appi Kogen Ski Rentals and Snowboard Hire

Appi Kogen has a large ski and snowboard rental shop at the Resort Centre as well as rental stations at the Hotel Appi Grand and Appi Hills Shirakabanomori. The rental gear is mainly Salomon and Atomic and is reasonably new. Equipment includes a large range of skis, snowboards, boots, snow clothing, and accessories such as goggles and gloves.

They cater well to Westerners and have clothing and boots in sizes that range from small kids up to XXXL adults. They have a range of powder skis for rent, and have an Unlimited Pass which allows you to change the skis or snowboard as often as you like so that you can demo various models.

Eating On Mountain / Lunch Time Restaurants

Appi Kogen has a large range of options to choose from for a lunch-time feed.

The Red House (which used to be purple but it’s finally now red!!) is located mid-mountain and serves similar food.

At the base area there is a huge food court with various different food outlets. Options include Chinese noodles, curry, pizza, spaghetti, Korean fare, ramen and other Japanese cuisine. The Resort Centre also has eateries including a sandwich bar and café, a bakery, a family restaurant (Makiba), and a crepe stand. There’s also Nirvana, an Indian food stall that serves up inexpensive curry sets with over-sized naan bread.

If you’ve been burning up plenty of energy on the slopes, you can get a big lunch time feed at the Hotel Appi Grand. The great value for money buffet includes a huge range of curries, pasta and gelati. Yum! There’s also a buffet at the Appi Hills Shirakabanomori.

Banking Facilities

Hotel Appi Grand has an ATM near the Cortina shop, but it’s inconsistent as to whether it works for all international cards, so it’s probably best to BYO cash. Luckily lots of places at Appi accept credit card.

There is an ATM at Lawson near the Appikogen train station (about 2.5km from the resort) or there is access to an ATM in Morioka at the post office near the train station.

English Assistance

The Hotel Appi Grand has a special service for English speaking guests. The hosts can assist with enquiries and provide concierge services.