How To Get There

How To Get There

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Where is Ani Ski Resort?

The Ani Ski Resort sits on the south western flank of Mt Moriyoshi in the northern part of the Akita Prefecture. Officially the ski area sits in the city of Kitaakita (north Akita), although the actual city is 45km to the north.

Ani Ski Resort is 88km northeast of Akita City and 114km northwest of Morioka.

Flying There

Odate-Noshiro Airport is just 42km to north of Ani. Informally known as the Akita North Airport, ONJ receives direct flights from Tokyo Haneda Airport. The Ani Resort coordinates reasonably priced shuttle buses from the airport to the ski area (or Hotel Fusch) that match the flight schedules. Reservations need to be made in advance.

Driving to Ani

Having a rental car is ideal so that you can also explore other ski areas in northern Tohoku. The telephone number of Ani Ski Resort for GPS navigation is 0186-82-3311.

Ani is 76km from the Towada IC on the Tohoku Expressway (2 hours) or 2.5 hours from the Morioka IC.

On Highway 105 you’ll see the sign for the turn-off to Ani Gondola. It’s 12km up to the ski resort and the road is reasonably narrow as it weaves up the tight canyon, which provides great eye candy in the form of waterfalls, beautiful evergreens and avi fences.

Train to Ani Akita

It is possible to get to Ani via public transport. Catch the train from Tokyo on the Akita Shinkansen to Kakunodate station, and then there is a very scenic local train to the Aniai station that takes about 85 minutes (see Hyperdia for the route, timetables and fares).

Ani has an inexpensive share taxi that will pick you up at Aniai Station and drive the 13.7km to the ski resort or nearby pensions.

Getting Around

If you’re staying at Hotel Fusch, which is 850 metres down the road from Ani Ski Resort, the pension owner can drive you between the accommodation and ski area if you don’t have a car.

Ski Resorts Nearby

Nearby ski areas include:

  • Tazawako – 72km to the southeast
  • Appi Kogen – 126km to the east
  • Hakkoda – 132km to the northeast
  • Aomori Spring – 139km to the north

  • The nearby Moriyoshi Ski Resort is no longer operational. The former ski area sits on the northwestern side of Mt Moriyoshi, and chances are you’ll come across it during your ventures into the backcountry.