Moiwa Lifts & Terrain

Our Terrain Ratings

Powderhound rating = advanced/expert terrain + powder + freshies + uncrowded

Our Terrain Ratings

Powderhound rating = advanced/expert terrain + powder + freshies + uncrowded
  • Moiwa Trail Map
  • Vertical (m)
    330 – 800 (470)
  • Average Snow Fall
    10  metres
  • Lifts (2)
    1 fast quad
    1 double
  • Ski Hours
    9:00am - 4:00pm
  • Terrain Summary
    Runs – 6
    Longest run – 2.8 km
    Beginner - 30%
    Intermediate - 40%
    Advanced - 30%

Moiwa Ski and Snowboard Terrain

Moiwa is just a wee little ski resort. The ski area has only two chair lifts and 6 piste runs, and one of these is really an off-piste type run anyhow. The size of Moiwa increases significantly when you also consider the lift accessed backcountry, although size doesn’t matter when you’re riding in powder up to your pits! Of course when you add in the terrain of the four interconnected Niseko United ski resorts, the total ski area is huge.

If you head from Niseko to Moiwa for the day or for a run or two, be aware that the backcountry gate back to Niseko closes at 3pm.

Off Piste Skiing Moiwa

The in-bounds area of Moiwa provides lots of great lines through widely spaced trees. The patrollers are completely cool with riders heading off-piste, so you can pretty much go for it. From the top of the quad chair head to skiers’ left and hit the steep glades near the Sky Slope and the Shirakaba Slope. If you head skiers’ right instead, there are also lots of off-piste lines of reasonable pitch, but these mellow out further down the hill.

Backcountry Riding – Moiwa Slackcountry

Head out of bounds outside gate six and walk up 30 to 50 metres and drop in wherever for lots of tasty lines. If you walk up too far (ie 100 metres) you’ll end up dropping into one of the Annupuri bowls. Absolutely make sure you’re appropriately kitted out with avo gear because the bowls are steep. Unfortunately the steep pitches are only short and after that you’re either riding on camber or in the potentially tracked out valley. Head to the right of the creek and if you’re not the first in, there should be a trail that heads back into the ski resort. However with really steep drop offs into the creek, the track can be really harrowing.

The sidecountry out to the skiers’ right of the ski resort seems infinite. There are awesome secret powder stashes, but if we told you where they were they wouldn’t be a secret!

Moiwa Lifts

Moiwa only has two lifts; a two-seater chair lift for the beginners and a modern quad chair with a cosy hood that is the gateway to powder heaven. Unfortunately the base of the quad chair is just a little high, because if you’re returning to the ski resort from the right, it requires a bit of skating or walking to get to the lift.

Lift Tickets

Moiwa is not included on the Niseko United lift pass (thanks to some interesting politics) so you’ll need to purchase a separate ticket. The lift tickets seem expensive considering the limited number of lifts and the small size of the inbounds terrain. However if you rate value for money according to the number of quality powder turns, then Moiwa comes up trumps. And if you pop over from Niseko for just a run or two, you can buy single ride passes for a handful of yen.

Families tend to enjoy Moiwa because kids’ lift tickets are very cheap (unless the kids are race training).

Moiwa also has lift deals with their neighbour Annupuri. If you have a Moiwa ticket (single ride excluded) you can purchase a discounted Annupuri pass and vice versa.

Moiwa Snow Conditions

Mother Nature provides all the snow at Moiwa so snowmaking is not required. Like elsewhere in the Niseko region it snows a lot, so blue sky days are not all that common.

The elevation of Moiwa is mostly lower than Niseko: 330 to 800 metres at Moiwa versus 300 to 1,309 metres at Niseko United, so the quality of powder might be a fraction inferior at Moiwa but it’s still generally very impressive. The quantity of the annual snowfall at Moiwa is also lower than at Niseko United, but the dumps of snow are big enough to keep powderhounds very happy. And considering the lack of hordes, there is a good chance of freshies lasting longer than a nano-second.

Beginner Ski and Board Terrain

Beginners have a nicely protected run in amongst the trees, the Forest Run.

Intermediate Skiing and Snowboarding

The Main Burn slope is a wide groomed run down the middle of the ski resort, so parents can keep a close eye on the kids heading down there. The Sky Slope is a little more challenging.

Advanced Skiing

If it hasn’t snowed in a while, moguls eventually develop on The Giant Run. This funnels into the Expert Run, but you definitely don’t have to be an expert to ride it.

Terrain Park

There might be a couple of rails or table tops set up near the top of the double chair. Otherwise you’ll need to find some natural terrain park features out in the sidecountry.