How to Get To Kamui

How to Get To Kamui

Where is Kamui Links?

Kamui Ski Links is located in Central Hokkaido, northeast of Sapporo. The nearest city is Asahikawa (15 - 20 minutes by car; 20km). Kamui Links is also easily accessible from Furano (approximately 45-50 minutes by car; 70km).

Getting There From Asahikawa

See the travel to Asahikawa page for information on getting to Asahikawa.

By car: Kamui Links can be accessed by car with an approximate travel time of 15 - 20 minutes. You can use a GPS provided by the car rental company or alternatively it’s easily navigated off the no. 12 (to Sapporo) out of town. The free car parking is located nice and close to the day lodge and the slopes. See our Japan overview for car rental tips.

With the base at only 150 metres above sea level you certainly don’t have to worry about a difficult drive up a windy mountain road. It’s super easy peasy.
By bus: There are inexpensive shuttle buses to Kamui Links from hotels such as the Grand Hotel (2 schedules per day). This is inexpensive and generally they offer a shuttle/lift pass combo. You’ll need to reserve the bus with the front desk clerk the previous day.

By train: To cut down on taxi costs, you can catch a train to Fukagawa and then get a taxi from there.

By tour operator: There are various multi-resort tours that head to Kamui Ski Resort from either Asahikawa or Furano.

Getting There From Furano

Car Rental: There is a car rental outlet near the Furano station.

Taxi: Furano Taxi offers round trip charters to Kamui Ski Links, either via a regular or jumbo taxi.

Buses: Buses run on particular days. One the downside of catching the bus is that you won’t be chasing the powder alone on these days! Check with the Furano tourism office for information on schedule and rates.

Guided Day Tours: Guided day ski/snowboard tours from Furano to Kamui tend to book out very early in the season (due to their multi-day trips), as do the multi-day tours, so if you plan to take a guided tour pre-book it well in advance. 

Ski Resorts Nearby

Other resorts nearby include Fukagawa, Ashibetsu, St Present Park, Arashiyama and Furano. Other ski areas in the vicinity of Asahikawa include Asahidake and Tokachidake.