Asahikawa Restaurants

Asahikawa Restaurants 

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Asahikawa Restaurants & Bars

One of the highlights of Asahikawa is the abundance of restaurants and bars. Apparently there are over 1,200 bars and restaurants in downtown Asahikawa! Wonder if any of the locals ever eat at home?!

Asahikawa Restaurants

There’s something for everyone with many types of Asahikawa restaurants including upmarket cuisine, Yakitori bars, classic Hokkaido ramen bars, small family run establishments and large restaurants offering a variety of Japanese food. All the restaurants provide great value for money and it’s easy to get an inexpensive meal for under ¥2,000.

The number of Asahikawa restaurants with English menus is increasing somewhat, or at least there are many menus with pictures on the menu. However there are still plenty of restaurants in Asahikawa where you’ll need to be brave and use your limited Japanese, google translate, or sign language. Half the fun is trying to convey what you want.

One of our favourite restaurant areas is a quaint laneway called Furariito Alley, which is becoming a fraction touristy but is still home to authentic family-run restaurants. It is located at 7-chome parallel to the main pedestrian street, (heiwa dori Kaimono-koen) between 4.5 and 5 jodori.

An easy place to get an inexpensive feed is the Aeon mall adjacent to the Asahikawa train station. In addition to a Starbucks and a food court on the ground floor, there are abundant restaurant options upstairs, most with English menus.

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Asahikawa Bars and Nightlife

There are hundreds of bars in Asahikawa and if you’ve got any energy left after a big day riding, you can wander the streets and do some bar hopping. Considering the cold temperatures in the evening, you may need to duck into lots of bars on the way home just to stay warm.

In the centre of the nightlife district is the Den bar. This is an international bar with great dining, drinking, live music and a pool table.

And in the name of being a tourist, there are three sake breweries in Asahikawa where you can partake in a tour. Alternatively you can just sample the cultural experience of Japanese sake in one of the many bars or restaurants!