Getting to Andermatt Sedrun

Getting to Andermatt Sedrun

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Where is SkiArena Andermatt Sedrun Switzerland?

Andermatt Sedrun ski resort is in the canton of Uri, high in the Swiss Alps, straddling the watershed of both the Rhone & Rhine Rivers.

The Andermatt Sedrun ski resort is located 100km south of Zurich (114km from the airport). Milan in Italy is 186km by road or rail to the south and Geneva is 4.5hr by train away to the west.

Andermatt Sedrun can be accessed from all directions by rail - the recommended transport to the ski resort. The village of Andermatt itself is midway along arguably the best mountain railway in the world - the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (bahn = train). From Andermatt the train line links directly with the iconic Zermatt ski resort in under 3hr.

Flights into Andermatt Sedrun

The best international gateway airports to reach Andermatt Sedrun for travellers from non-European destinations are Zurich (ZRH), Milan Malpensa (MXP) & Geneva (GVA). Of these, Zurich airport is the closest & most easily linked by train to the city & Andermatt Sedrun ski resort.

The Zurich international airport in Switzerland services a range of worldwide destinations including those from within Europe, the UK, Scandinavia, USA, Canada, Asia, Africa and the Middle East (plus Australia & New Zealand via Singapore or the Middle East). The airport is a short 10min train ride from central Zurich, where train connections to Andermatt Sedrun & the rest of Europe are available.

Zurich airport is convenient to many Austrian & of course, Swiss ski resorts.

To search for a great deal on a flight to Zurich or other airport, use our recommended flight search engine.

Airport & Hotel Transfers

Private & group transfers are available to/from all airports & hotels direct to/from Andermatt Sedrun. The Powderhounds usually recommend taking the train from the airports to Andermatt Sedrun. However, for those that just cannot abide public transport or are travelling in larger groups, a private transfer from the airport direct to the ski resort may be the most efficient mode of travel.

Search & book all direct private transfers to Andermatt or Sedrun.

Train Travel to Andermatt Sedrun

Andermatt is located at a major rail crossroads. The east-west running Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn cuts through town. The main Zurich to Milan line runs north-south in tunnels deep below Andermatt.

True to Swiss engineering prowess, an excellent spur line links Andermatt to what was once the Zurich-Milan line via the town of Göschenen (or Goeschenen), a trip of only 10min. The train between Andermatt & Sedrun goes across the Oberalppass & takes around 50min; leaving hourly. The main Sedrun lift base at Dieni is around 40min from Andermatt.

Train travel form central Zurich & Milan to Göschenen was once straightforward but has now been complicated by the completion Gotthard Base Tunnel (GBT)*. The GBT removed all of the direct Milan to Zurich trains off the line to Goeschenen and routed them into the world's longest train tunnel, improving travel time between the cities, but sadly increasing times to Andermatt. From Zurich airport to Goeschenen takes around 2hr 25min and requires a change at Zurich central station & Erstfeld (& on occasions Arth-Goldau). Regular services from Milano Centrale to Göschenen take around 3hr 40min & often require a change at Airolo. Add at least one hour if coming from Milan Malpensa airport. *Note - changes to timetabling for winter 20/21 may mean more direct trains to Goechenen from Zurich & Milan again, slashing travel times (check the timetables via the ticketing link below).

From Geneva airport, trains travel every hour direct to Brig, then connect to Andermatt on the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn. The journey will take over 5hr. From the east, the train travel time from Chur is 3hr to Andermatt and a shade over 2hr to Sedrun.

The world renown ski resort of Zermatt and wonderful St Moritz are linked to Andermatt by the Glacier Express. The 8hr journey between the two can be done in a day. Andermatt is near the midway point of the daily Glacier Express journey; 3hr from Zermatt & 5hr from St Moritz. Sounds like an easy ski safari! We have done it. It's an awesome way to travel between some of the world's best ski resorts.

A sure way to POW (Protect Our Winters) is by taking the train to Andermatt Sedrun.

Search & book train tickets to Andermatt Sedrun train tickets to Goeschenen, Andermatt & Sedrun.

Driving to Andermatt & Sedrun

Whilst everything and anything is possible in Europe (just look at where they put ski lifts, roads and rail tunnels) the question to ask yourself is why drive to Andermatt? If you live in Europe, fair enough, driving there may be an option. However, for overseas visitors, driving to Andermatt Sedrun is only a good option for those with a strict time imperative, but even then, the benefits are marginal depending on the weather & road conditions.

If one insists on driving to the Andermatt Sedrun, there are two things worth knowing. First and foremost is to understand the winter road closures. In winter the road over Oberalppass between Andermatt and Sedrun is closed and vehicles can only make the journey on a flatbed train carriage (a simple process common throughout the Alps). Also, the road from Goeschenen to Andermatt is deep in shadow in winter and often treacherous. Drivers beware.

Driving direct to Andermatt from Zurich airport avoids the centre of Zurich and travels via Goeschenen on the A1, A4 and A2. The journey of 125km takes between 1½ to 2hr depending on conditions. From Zurich airport to Sedrun is somewhat longer in distance (184km) and time (2½ to 3hr). The route goes via the major town of Chur. Alternatively, one can drive to Andermatt & pay to have the car transported on the train over Oberalppass to Sedrun!

Driving direct from Milan Malpensa airport to Andermatt or Sedrun avoids the centre of Milan. Both routes are spectacular and travel north near Como and through Lugano on the A2 before splitting just after Bellinzona, where the route to Sedrun takes one on the A13. To Andermatt the road goes via Goeschenen and takes about 2½ to 3hr for the 185km journey. To Sedrun it will take 3hr20min to 4hr to complete the 270km journey.

Driving to Sedrun, regardless of whether coming from Milan or Zurich, has the benefit of travelling past several great ski resorts like Laax, Brigels & Disentis.

Car Rentals

Renting a car is easy from all the major airports. Ensure the vehicles are fitted with snow tyres prior to renting. Note that if renting in Switzerland, some companies do have extortionary security deposits on the vehicles, so read the fine print carefully. Renting in Italy is cheaper...... way cheaper, but they not come with snow tyres!

Search for & rent cars online from anywhere in Europe here.

Getting Around Andermatt & Sedrun

The villages of Andermatt and Sedrun are well serviced in the winter season by local buses and the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn. Andermatt is quite a compact village and the local buses are generally not required to get anywhere. Sedrun is in fact a series of smaller hamlets and depending on where one stays, not as pedestrian friendly.

In Andermatt, two local ski-bus lines (the red line Dorfbus or Village bus & blue line Gemsstock Express bus) are free for skiers. Both lines have slightly different routes around town, but both connect the train station, lift bases, accommodation and outlying parts of town, including Hospental.

At Sedrun on the eastern side of Oberalp Pass, the major lift and accommodation base at Dieni is about 3km from the village of Sedrun and its Valtgeva ski lifts. it is possible to walk the distance in around 40min, but the Matterhorn Gotthard train is a better option, running every hour and taking only 5min. The hamlet of Rueras has its own train station midway between Dieni and Sedrun.

The train runs regularly between Andermatt & Sedrun and is included in the lift pass during the day. The train stops four times between the villages, at Natschen (accessible by gondola), Oberalppass (the highest point, access to chairlift & gondola), Dieni (main Sedrun lift base) and Raures. At Sedrun the area's best beginner area is in the nearby Valtgeva ski area. The new ski lifts connecting the entire resort are making the train journeys between Sedrun & Andermatt slightly redundant.

For late night revellers, a night bus runs on weekends at Andermatt. Four services travel a route around the town & out to Realp between 730pm & midnight.

Nearby Ski Resorts

The train system allows for easy transfers to a host of other ski resorts in Switzerland, particularly via the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn and connecting to the Rhaetian Railway (Rhaetische Bahn) to the east. Ski resorts with direct train links to the east include , Disentis 3000, St Moritz, Arosa, and ;Davos Klosters. Laax and Brigels are short bus rides from the train line. To the west, Aletsch Arena, Crans Montana, Zermatt & Verbier (4 Vallees) are within easy reach.