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    Austria West Rail Map
  • Austria West Rail Map
    Innsbruck to Jenbach Rail Map
  • Innsbruck to Jenbach Rail Map
    Jenbach to Mayrhofen Rail Map
  • Jenbach to Mayrhofen Rail Map
    Zillertalbahn Timetable
  • Zillertalbahn Timetable
    Mayrhofen Bus Route Map
  • Mayrhofen Bus Route Map
Mayrhofen is located deep in the Ziller valley (Zillertal) of the Tyrol state in Austria.

Where is Mayrhofen, Austria?

The Mayrhofen ski resort is 67km by road or rail south east of Innsbruck. Munich international airport is around 200km by road to the north of Mayrhofen. Mayrhofen is the final station on the Zillertalbahn train line.

Flights to Mayrhofen Ski Resorts

Travel to Mayrhofen ski resort from overseas locations is best via the main international gateway airports of either Munich, Zurich or Milan. The Innsbruck airport is closest to Mayrhofen and but only European and UK origins. Rail connections to Innsbruck (and then on to Mayrhofen) from Milan, Munich or Zurich are simple.

To search for a great deal on a flight to Innsbruck, Munich, Zurich or Milan, use our recommended flight search engines.

Flights into Innsbruck Airport

Innsbruck airport is serviced by flights from mainland Europe, Scandinavia and the UK. Flights numbers and options increase during the winter season. The airport is conveniently located close to the centre of Innsbruck.

The Innsbruck city centre and central bus & train station is a 20min bus ride from the airport via the Route F bus at the terminal. Taxis offer an alternative. From the central station, take a train to Mayrhofen.

If you are wanting to stay overnight near the Innsbruck airport try the Hotel Penz West.

Flights into Munich Airport

Munich international airport is rated as one of the world’s best. It receives a vast number of flights every day from worldwide destinations.

Munich airport is well served by efficient train transport which link quickly with train services to ski hubs like Innsbruck. Take the S8 line from the main terminal (trains every 10min) to the major Ostbahnhof for trains direct to Innsbruck and other ski resorts. Travel time is 2hr 30min.

At least 8 major car rental companies are available at Munich airport, however the vehicles may not be set up for winter driving (i.e. snow tyres, chains), and one may be better served hiring a car closer to the ski destination. Driving time to Mayrhofen is around 2.5hr.

Airport & Hotel Transfers

Private transfers are available to/from all airports and hotels to/from all ski resorts. whilst the Powderhounds recommend using the train to get to Mayrhofen, private transfers can be cost & time effective for groups of three people or more. To book your transfer to Innsbruck or Mayrhofen click here.

Driving to Mayrhofen

Driving to Mayrhofen from all points of the compass is relatively straight forward. From either west (Innsbruck) or east (Salzburg/Vienna) or south (Italy), one needs to drive on to the main A12/E45/E60 motorway and then take the B169 into the Zillertal and exit at Mayrhofen.

If you don’t have a car and wish to rent, the closest car rentals are in Innsbruck, either at the airport, or in the city centre.

Train & Bus Transport to Mayrhofen

One of the best ways to access the Zillertal and Mayrhofen ski resort is by train. From Innsbruck HBF (central station), trains leave for Jenbach (direction Wörgl, Kufstein or Salzburg) every 15 to 45min between the hours of 6.10am and 7.20pm. The journey generally takes around 26min.

At Jenbach station, change to platform Z3, where a Zillertalbahn will likely be waiting for you. Trains leave for Mayrhofen regularly, every 22 to 60min (depending on time of day) from 6.30am to 7.56pm every day during the ski season (refer timetable). The 32km journey from Jenbach to Mayrhofen takes about 50mins. From Mayrhofen station, buses and taxis await, or simply walk to your accommodation.

Search & book train tickets to Innsbruck & Mayrhofen here.

If spending an extended time skiing in Austria & the rest of Europe and plan on travelling by train, consider getting a Eurail Pass here.

Getting Around the Mayrhofen Ski Resort

There are six free, local ski bus lines (refer route map) running between the various lift bases and different parts of town in Mayrhofen. Bus Line A and E runs between the Ahorn and Penken lift bases in Mayrhofen every 15 minutes. It is easier and quicker to just walk. Skiing is exercise after all! Bus Lines C and D run between Ahornbahn and the Horbergbahn at Hippach every 20 minutes.

The Green Line from Mayrhofen to Hintertux via stops at Finkenberger Almbahn and Rastkogelbahn and is free. There are serious issues with drop offs on the return journey as it only stops at Raskogeklbahn in Tux, Finkenburger Almbahn and the Mayrhofen bahnhof (train station). You can find yourself stranded if unaware of this deficiency. Also, skis get roughly stacked under the bus and the passengers at the terminus are like a pack of selfish savages, randomly tossing skis and poles aside to get to their own equipment. Awful insight into human nature!

The 4104 public transit bus from Mayrhofen to Hintertux stops everywhere along the way and is usually pretty empty. If you need transport back from Tux or Finkenburg, this is your best ride home. Cost is a few € one way. Around 10 to 12 services run per day from about 8am. The bus driver will ask you if you are on the right bus as they just expect skiers to take the free Green Line bus!

Travel to Other Ski Resorts Near Mayrhofen

There are a feast of ski resorts within 2hr of Mayrhofen including Ski Juwel Alpbachtal Wildschonau and Innsbruck’s 9 resorts (Kuhtai , Oberperfuss, PatscherkofelStubai Glacier et al). However in the Ziller and Tux valleys immediately adjacent to Mayrhofen, several great resorts are nearby and are part of the Zillertaler SuperSkiPass area. The Zillertaler SuperSkiPass includes Hintertux Glacier, Zillertal Arena and Fϋgen-Kaltenbach ski resorts.

Hintertux Glacier ski resort at the head of the Tuxertal is the most snow sure of the resorts and has skiing every day of the year. If you don’t have a car, Hintertux Glacier is accessible by various buses from Mayrhofen. The Green line bus from Mayrhofen to Hintertux is free. It has lots of pick up points in town, but it fills quickly and later pick up points can miss out on a seat. Also, the Green line bus only drops off at the train station in Mayrhofen on the return journey.

The local transit bus route 4104 from Mayrhofen to Hintertux Glacier stops everywhere and, unlike the Green Line bus, is usually quite empty. The Powderhounds found it a better proposition even though the cost is a few € one way. Around 10 to 12 services run per day from about 6am to 7.15pm. The local public transit bus between Hintertux Glacier base and Tux (Rastkogelbahn) is free for skiers. From Tux you could have a great ski and après back to Mayrhofen via Rastkogel and Penken.

Zillertal Arena ski resort is a huge ski area combining diverse towns from Krimml, Wald-Königsleiten to Gerlos and Zell am Ziller. Zillertal Arena is accessible via train or bus from Mayrhofen to Zell am Ziller (refer schedule in right column). If going by train, a bus or taxi will get to the resort base at Zell am Ziller (or it’s a considerable walk). Note that buses are infrequent (refer schedule).

Hochzillertal (Fϋgen-Kaltenbach) ski resort is the last (or first!) resort in Zillertal and has excellent on & off-piste skiing particularly on Hochfϋgen. Closest to Innsbruck, it is easy to access by train from Mayrhofen. Get off at Kaltenbach station (refer schedule). A short walk will get you to the Kaltenbach gondola base, above which the best skiing is to be had.