Big White Restaurants & Bars

Big White Restaurants & Bars

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Big White Restaurants

For such a large ski resort, there are surprisingly not that many restaurants in Big White, which is possibly indicative of the family nature of Big White and that many folks stay at their condo for the night and cook-in. There are about 15 establishments for dining in the evening and they are all quite good, but most of them are cut from the same mould. Most of the Big White restaurants are bars and grills serving up North American cuisine, with the main variation being the degree of casualness or family friendliness.

A notable exception to the bar and grill arrangement is the very fabulous Globe Café and Tapas Bar, which provides uniquely creative cuisine, particularly for après ski and dinner when they serve up a large range of interesting tapas to share with friends. This upscale Big White restaurant has lovely décor and ambience, and is a must-do. The Globe is located at Trappers Crossing, which is a half minute walk from the end of the village.

At the other end of the village is the 6 Degrees Bistro in Stonebridge Lodge. This fine dining restaurant incorporates Italian and Mediterranean fare, which can be accompanied by a range of Okanagan wine.

The Gunbarrel Grill is located upstairs from Snowshoe Sam’s Pub and is somewhat typical of the Big White restaurants, serving burgers, pastas, steaks, and other meat dishes. It’s a little upscale but still reasonably casual, there’s a kids’ menu, and the décor and many western artifacts make it all rather fun.

The Black Diamond Bar and Grill offers a similar evening dining experience, although it’s possibly a little more upmarket.

Happy Valley is where a lot of the family entertainment is held, so the Sk8ers Bistro at Happy Valley day lodge is well attended. They serve up drinks and simple fare. It has live music and is very family friendly.

For lazy nights in, "The Underground" pizzeria delivers yummy pizzas, or you can take out or dine in whilst partaking in a cold beer.

Daytime Eateries

Considering the ski-through nature of the village, it is easy to schuss in to grab some daytime fare. Some of the Big White restaurants/grills are open for breakfast, and most are open for lunch with a simple menu on offer.

Once again the Globe Café is a standout for day time fare. They offer breakfast, simple panini lunches and have the best coffee in town.

The coffee shop at the day lodge in the village also does great coffee and snacks, although the coffee making seems to occur at a snail’s pace.

Big White Nightlife & Bars

Considering the resort is more tailored towards family activities, it’s somewhat surprising that there is a little bit of Big White nightlife. The nightlife is not super vibrant and there isn’t a lot of choice, but at least there’s a bit of an après party scene.

The Big White bars are mostly the “bar and grill” establishments referred to above, which are very good for après ski drinks or a sedate drink later in the evening.

The Moose Lounge down at Happy Valley is a family friendly bar that often has live entertainment.

Snowshoe Sam’s is the liveliest of après establishments or nightspots at Big White. It has a great pub atmosphere, and it’s also good for some inexpensive nosh. This adults-only pub also often has live entertainment or a DJ.