Sun Valley Shopping

Sun Valley Shopping

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The Sun Valley shopping is very good, both in the Sun Valley Village and particularly in the town of Ketchum.

Sun Valley Ski Shops

The River Run base of the Sun Valley Ski Resort has a massive ski shop that encompasses ski and snowboard hardwear including boot fitting. The Brass Ranch section has a huge selection of very spiffy ski apparel (definitely no snowboard clothing) with brands such as Bogner, and lots of upscale ski accessories such as beanies that cost over $300! Delightful Sun Valley logowear is also available.

The Warm Springs base and the Dollar Mountain day lodge also have small ski shops.

Brass Ranch also has a shop in the Sun Valley Village, with an equally impressive range of luxury skiwear.

Pete Lane’s Mountain Sports in the Village has a mix of hardwear and accessories, along with skiwear that’s a little more affordable than Brass Ranch. There are also various Ketchum ski shops and outfitters, with stand outs being Backwoods Mountain Sports and The Elephant’s Perch.

Other Sun Valley Village Shopping

The pedestrian village of the Sun Valley Resort offers a small number of other shops, some which cater to those with very generous limits on the credit card.

Top of the pops for being spendy would be Panache, a ladies boutique with very exclusive clothing, and après shoes that cost three times as much as my ski boots. It’s one of those sorts of shops where the sales assistants hover over you incessantly and not in a friendly way. I’d love to do a pretty woman on them!

There’s a lovely jewellery store in the village where you could easily part with some cash. The village also has a lovely candy store with handmade chocolates and plenty of other sweet treats, and a gift shop with lots of Sun Valley logowear and plenty of tasteful souvenirs.

Ketchum Shopping

The town of Ketchum has lots of shops that have unique offerings. There are lots of outdoor and sports stores, boutiques, and other shops with home furnishings, gifts, and collectibles.