Dinner Plain Ski Slope

Dinner Plain ski slope
Dinner Plain ski area is serviced by a platter lift
Dinner Plain skiing is ideal for beginners
The skiosk at the base of the Dinner Plain ski run

Dinner Plain Ski Slope

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NB The Hotham Ski Resort will not be running the Dinner Plain lift during the 2020 season in order to prioritise resources. The Dinner Plain ski slope will be opened up for tobogganing, whilst skiing on the slope will not be permitted. Meanwhile the Peashooter slope (usual toboggan slope) will be closed. Rules for tobogganing on the ski slope include 1 hour sessions, a maximum of 20 at a time, contact tracing strategies and social distancing.

The Dinner Plain ski area is very small! It consists of one little groomed downhill ski slope serviced by the Cobungra platter lift, which is only 175 metres long, so there’s little chance of getting thigh burn on the way down!

The Dinner Plain ski slope is rated green and is ideal for beginners. The slope is mostly gentle and it has a very mellow run-out so you’ll slow down before getting to the lift if you haven’t quite perfected your snow plough!

Night skiing at Dinner Plain is available some nights, so if the kids haven’t had enough skiing at Mt Hotham during the day, you can really tire them out by getting them to do some more laps on the Dinner Plain ski slope.

Dinner Plain Snow and Weather

One limitation of Dinner Plain skiing is that the snow cover is not very reliable because of the low elevation (1,520 metres), so the slope isn’t always open. Thankfully there are snowmaking facilities, so at least the snowmakers can partially make up for what Mother Nature can’t provide.

The Dinner Plain ski run is rather sheltered from the elements. Sometimes the weather can be foul up at Hotham and it’s blowing a gale, whilst at Dinner Plain it is reasonably protected from the prevailing winds and fog.

Lift Tickets

Mt Hotham lift tickets are valid at Dinner Plain or you can purchase lift passes just for DP. There is a ticket office at the base which is open first thing in the morning, or lift passes can be purchased at The Alpine Life shop in the main part of the village. The Dinner Plain lift tickets are rather cheap, although you don’t get much value for money.

Other Logistics

There is a heated day shelter at the base, which is ideal for parents who don’t want to brave the cold or for the kids to come in for a rest. There are BBQs outside if you want to do a cook up and tease everyone else with the great aromas. Alternatively Cafe Play is located at the base selling coffee, hot chocolate, dim sims, other hot food, and some adults-only beverages.

If your Dinner Plain accommodation isn’t within easy walking distance, there’s a car park right at the base of the slope so it’s super convenient to just drive there.

You can hire all your equipment in the main part of the village or Snow Monkey provide a ski butler service whereby they can bring rental equipment to your lodge, and you can even book a ski instructor.