Taking your dog to Dinner Plain

Dinner Plain: dog running in the snow
Dogs in the snow at Dinner Plain
There is some dog friendly Dinner Plain accommodation
Puppacinos at Mountain Kitchen in Dinner Plain
Dog holiday in the snow
One of the cross country trails in Dinner Plain is dog friendly
Dinner Plain: snow dog and snow man
The dogs of Mountain Kitchen Dinner Plain
A hound in the snow at Dinner Plain
Attack of the snow balls!
Puppies at Dinner Plain on sled dog weekend
Dog friendly location in the snow

Taking your dog to Dinner Plain

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If you’re wondering where you can take your dog to the snow in Australia, the ski resorts are generally a no-go zone because they’re located in national parks. Whilst it’s possible for residents to get a permit for a dog at some of the Australian ski resorts, they are off-limits to visitors with dogs.

Dinner Plain near Mt Hotham in Victoria is very unique in that it’s the only place in Australia where you can stay with your dog where there is a decent probability of snow cover during winter. Your dog can have a frolic in the snow, roll in the snow, eat snow and make yellow snow! If your dog is a wanna-be powder hound, Dinner Plain is pretty good.

Dogs in Dinner Plain don’t need specific alpine registration as they did in the past, just your local council registration.

Rules for Dogs in Dinner Plain

Due to the proximity of the National Park, the rules for dogs in Dinner Plain are still rather strict and most of the town is an on-lead area. Apian Way is an off-lead multi-purpose trail that’s located on the outskirts of Dinner Plain, past the brewery and ski slope at the base of the toboggan run. If the snow is firm, it’s easy enough to walk along this track, but if the snow is deep and fresh the track will be a hard slog and more appropriate for snow shoeing or cross country skiing.

During winter the tennis courts used to be an off-leash area, but the council has put the kibosh on dog fun.

Don’t let your dog off-leash near the national park because not only is it against regulations, but they often have fox bait in these zones.

Dinner Plain Pet Friendly Accommodation

You can have a dog holiday in the snow because some of the Dinner Plain accommodation is dog friendly, so long as you don’t let you dog run amok and jump all over the couches and beds, and so long as you don’t leave your dog howling in the house for hours on end.

Most of these properties allow dog access throughout the house or apartment, whilst a few may only allow limited access to parts of the house.

You can look at dog friendly snow houses and apartments on the Dinner Plain accommodation page.

Once you've entered your dates use the "pet friendly" filter under Property Features and hit "Apply Filters".

All of the Dinner Plain houses are fence free so they don’t have yards, but there are a few properties with enclosed decks where you could leave your dog if they’ve got a good tolerance for the cold and are bred to be snow dogs (e.g. malamutes, huskies etc).

If you want to go out for a decent time during the day, it may be possible to get a dog sitter. Alpine Babysitting usually specialises in looking after human kids, but they can also look after your fur kids. Or you may be able to find a random dog lover via the Dinner Plain Community Notice Board Facebook group, who is willing to be a dog sittter for a fee.

Dinner Plain Dog Friendly Businesses

The Blizzard Brewery below the Dinner Plain ski run is dog friendly. You can taste their brews whilst sitting inside with your dog, so long as you don’t have a yappy dog or a big barker.

During the day you can head to the Mountain Kitchen café where there are spots to tie your dog up outside, or if you rug up there are spots for humans to sit outside too.

The Wyndham Ramada has an outdoor area around the firepit where you could sit for an après drink with your pooch.

Tips For Your Dog in the Snow at Dinner Plain

  • Around the town are various rubbish bins where you can pick up doggy bags. Please pick up after your dog and don't just cover the excrement with snow because when the snow melts it’s still there.
  • Your dog doesn’t need to wear booties in the snow, unless they’re planning on running the Iditarod dog sledding race! Having claws is handy for the oft icy roads and paths.
  • Some dogs with very short coats may need to wear a doggie coat when they go outside, but don’t leave it on if they’re doing a bit of running.
  • Occasionally when there is a lot of deep fresh snow, long haired dogs can develop snow balls which you may need to pull off or melt off before they go inside.
  • During summer, keep an eye on your dog when off-leash due to the presence of snakes in the area.