Yuzawa Facilities


Yuzawa Facilities

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Yuzawa Services

Most of the facilities and services for skiers and snowboarders are located at the ski resorts, although the town of Yuzawa also has ski rental shops and some limited shopping. 

Yuzawa Ski Rentals and Snowboard Hire

Ski and snowboard equipment and clothing and rental are available at all the Yuzawa ski resorts. The quality ranges from rather old to shiny and new, depending on the calibre of the ski resort.

There are also Yuzawa ski rental options in the town of Yuzawa. Boo Sports at Yuzawa Ski House is located opposite the Yuzawa Kogen Ropeway, offering a good range of ski and snowboard equipment, and they also offer transport to some of the ski resorts.

Some of the Yuzawa hotels also have ski and snowboard rental outlets. For example the Yuzawa Grand Hotel right near the train station has ski and snowboard equipment and clothing for rent.

Yuzawa Ski Shop

For such a ski oriented town, there is surprisingly very little in the way of Yuzawa ski shops that have retail and not just rental. Majestic Snow and Skate is a small ski and snowboard shop that has a very small range of snow gear and accessories.

Ski shops are available at most of the ski resorts, although the choice at each is somewhat limited.

Yuzawa Ski and Snowboard School

Some of the ski schools at the Yuzawa ski resorts only cater to those who can speak fluent Japanese.

There are also a couple of major international snowsports schools that offer private lessons in English. 

Facilities for Children

Some of the hotels can organise babysitting or a few of the upscale Yuzawa ski resorts have child care facilities such as Maiko and Joetsu Kokusai. Child care is generally provided by staff that speak Japanese only.

Yuzawa Shops

Most of the Yuzawa shops that might interest tourists are located inside the train station. The region is famous for its sake and there are lots of stalls where you can taste sake. Or you can go to the sake museum and for a small fee, sample various types of sake. The shop also has salt tasting.

Out in the marketplace there are lots of options to buy interesting Japanese food items and there are opportunities to taste snacks, so you can figure out what all those interesting looking things taste like without having to commit to a full packet.

Shops at the train station also sell Japanese homewares and souvenirs.

And there are lots of stalls selling confectionary gifts, which are purchased by the Japanese to take back to their work colleagues as part of some unusual custom.