How To Get There

The Nagano train station
Lots of buses depart from the train station
Nagano train station
Buses to the Nagano ski resorts
Shinkansen is the quickest way to get from Tokyo to Nagano
Nagano City Japan
Shiga Kogen: click on the image for more info
Madarao Ski Resort: click on the image for more info
Togari Onsen: click on the image for more info
Hakuba: click for more info
Myoko Kogen is in Niigata Prefecture but close to Nagano City
Nozawa Onsen: click for more info
Hakuba Cortina: click for more info
Madarao Mountain Resort: click for more info
Tangram Ski Resort Nagano: click for more info
Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort Nagano
Nagano Ski Resort, Nozawa Onsen
Nagano Ski Resort: Togari Onsen
Tangram Ski Resort Nagano
Driving to Nozawa Onsen Nagano Prefecture

How To Get There

Myoko Kogen Powder Packages
Wagner Custome Skis

Nagano Hotels Near Station

Hotel Abest Nagano Ekimae ($-$$)
Hotel New Nagano ($)
Hotel Sunroute Nagano ($$)
Hotel Sunroute Higashiguchi ($$)
Nagano Plaza Hotel ($$)

Other Hotels

Smile Hotel Nagano ($-$$)
Toyoko Inn Nagano ($)

Hotel Listings


Nagano Hotels

Nagano Ski Resorts

West of Nagano

East of Nagano
Shiga Kogen

Northeast of Nagano
Nozawa Onsen
Madarao Kogen
Ryuoo Ski Park
Togari Onsen

North of Nagano
Myoko Kogen

Northwest of Nagano

Where is Nagano?

Nagano City is located about 233km northwest of Tokyo in the northern part of the Nagano Prefecture, near the Alps and some of the highest mountains in Japan.

Toyko to Nagano

The bullet train is the easiest way to travel from Tokyo to Nagano. The Nagano Shinkansen Asama (the Nagano bullet train) takes about 90 minutes from Tokyo to Nagano. Train departures are frequent (you can check schedules on Hyperdia) and you can check out the Japan rail page for information on the train system.

If you’re coming from Narita Airport, you can catch the Narita Express to Tokyo Station (and then the bullet train to Nagano). Alternatively catch the Keiser Skyliner to Ueno and then the bullet train to Nagano. This option tends to be a little faster but check Hyperdia for travel times.

If you’re heading from Narita or Haneda Airport straight to one the major ski resorts such as Nozawa Onsen, Shiga Kogen, Hakuba or Myoko Kogen, you can get an airport transfer bus with Nagano Snow Shuttle.

Getting to the Nagano Ski Resorts

There’s an abundance of Nagano ski resorts (or at least ski resorts that are close to Nagano City). If you want to sample lots of Nagano ski resorts, having a car affords the greatest flexibility. There are lots of car rental outlets on either side of the Nagano station, and you can get a GPS with English.

Otherwise being on a multi-resort tour (see the bottom of the Nagano overview page) includes the transport to the ski resorts, which makes life very easy, and there are other bonuses such as being shown the best powder stashes.

Otherwise if you’re just heading to one or two of the main ski resorts, it’s easy enough to use trains and buses to get there. For some of the smaller ski areas, it is possible to get there via public transport, although having your own wheels is much easier.

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Northeast of Nagano

Many of these ski resorts are near the towns of Iiyama, Yudanaka and Shibu Onsen.




  • Togakushi: 24km northeast – easiest to get there via car.


And if you’ve got wheels, it’s only 100km to drive to Yuzawa and the many Yuzawa ski resorts.

Travel Around Nagano

If you don’t have a car, you can get to lots of places around Nagano via the local train system and buses. Ask at the Nagano Information Centre at the train station if you want more information.