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Otaru Restaurants & Bars

Otaru Restaurants

Otaru is renowned for its fresh seafood including sushi and other culinary Japanese seafood delights.

If you are looking for a cheap and simple ramen, Otaru has a nice little "ramen alley" aka Renga Alley located opposite the Authent Hotel on the corner of Delichiodori Street and Nichigin street. In addition to ramen, there are eateries with Italian fare and sushi.

Also a great place to get fresh seafood is the bustling Sankaku seafood market located near the JR station, where you will find a huge variety of extremely fresh (many still alive) fish, crab & shellfish.

Another great place where you will find a cluster of about 15 small authentic Japanese restaurants like Tempura Kuratani is on the corner of Rinkosen st and Nichigin St opposite the famous canal.

Here are a few of our restaurant picks in Otaru.

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Otaru Bars

Whilst Otaru isn't renowned for its huge nightlife, you will still find some nice little bars for a quiet drink in the afternoons and late into the evenings.

In particular there are some very nice Japanese whisky bars. In some of the hotels you will find lovely up-market cocktail lounge bars such as the Bar Duomo Rosso on the roof of the Hotel Nord, which offers spectacular views across the canal.

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