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Where To Stay In Niseko

If you have started to research a trip to Niseko, you are probably a bit overwhelmed by the number of places to stay and the various locations to stay. We cover the pros and cons of the different villages of Niseko on our Niseko accommodation booking system.

The information on this page is designed to provide you with some of our recommendations based on our experience.

Hirafu Accommodation

The most popular place to stay is in Hirafu. Over the past 10 years this area has exploded with dozens of fancy hotels and apartment complexes. Hirafu is the most prestigious place to stay and also the most expensive. Here are a few of our recommendations for various budgets.

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Niseko Village Accommodation

The name "Niseko Village" can sometimes confuse things as people often think this is the main base area, and that is not the case. However over the past 5 years Niseko Village has evolved and now has various restaurants and some very nice new lodging options.

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Annupuri Accommodation

Annupuri is still a bit off the radar for many foreign visitors to Niseko. It has a quaint village feel with a number of small lodges, pensions, a large ski-in/ski-out hotel, and a few traditional Japanese ryokan. It is also a great place to be based on a powder day as it takes a considerable amount of time for people staying at other Niseko base areas to get to the incredible sidecountry at Annupuri. Some of the properties in Annupuri don't release room stock until close to the ski season.

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Moiwa Accommodation

Whilst Moiwa isn't officially considered part of Niseko, it is a viable option as a base to ski the Niseko ski areas as well as Moiwa. The big advantage of Moiwa is some good inexpensive lodging options as well as a couple of Japanese ryokan-style properties if you are looking for more of a Japanese cultural experience.

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Kutchan Accommodation

Kutchan is becoming more popular as a base for skiing Niseko and other nearby ski resorts such as Rusutsu & Kiroro. It is particularly suited to those on a budget, plus it has a good variety of eating options and bars that aren't as difficult to get into compared to Hirafu. Following are a couple of properties we recommend, however be mindful that they generally don't make any rooms available until close to the season. There are often rooms available in Kutchan with a day or two notice, so it is a great option for powder chasers.

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