Bus To Kiroro

Bus To Kiroro

Where is Kiroro Resort?

Kiroro Ski Resort is located in Akaigawa 43km west of Sapporo Hokkaido, and 28km south of the town of Otaru. The road distance from Niseko to Kiroro is about 50km, a drive that takes about an hour.

Getting to Kiroro from New Chitose Airport

The New Chitose Airport (Sapporo) is the gateway airport for Kiroro. See the travel to Hokkaido travel page for information on flights to Hokkaido.

You can catch a Kiroro bus with Hokkaido Resort Liner for transfers between Kiroro and the airport. The Kiroro bus takes about 2 hours and they have about eight schedules per day (NB this generally can't be booked until Sept/October).

Bus from Sapporo to Kiroro

Hokkaido Resort Liner also provides buses from the city of Sapporo to Kiroro. You can book your Sapporo to Kiroro bus here. The schedules generally cater for day trippers, with one bus leaving from Sapporo to Kiroro early in the morning, and a couple of departures from Kiroro in the late afternoon. The pick up and drop off points in Sapporo include the train station and a range of hotels, so trip times vary from 1:40 hours to 2:20 hours. If the bus doesn’t stop at your Sapporo hotel, there’s a good chance it stops at one nearby. For schedules and rates or to book your transfer (from October onwards), click here.

Driving to Kiroro

Driving to Kiroro is relatively easy, especially considering the recent advances in GPS navigation technology and driving provides the distinct advantage of flexibility to visit other ski resorts in the Otaru and Niseko areas. The Kiroro telephone number for GPS navigation is 0135-34-7111.

Car rentals are available at the New Chitose Airport and in Sapporo. The drive from Sapporo to Kiroro takes only about 1 hour whilst from the New Chitose Airport the trip time is about 1.5 hours. Surprisingly, there is free parking at Kiroro Resort.

Trains to Otaru

An alternative way of getting to Kiroro is to catch one of the frequent trains from Sapporo (or New Chitose Airport) to Otaru or Otaru Chikko station. The trip from Sapporo to Otaru takes about 40-50 minutes. See Hyperdia to check timetables and fares.

Travel from Otaru to Kiroro

From Otaru and Otaru Chikko train stations there are infrequent buses to Kiroro. The trip time is about 50 minutes. Bus reservations can be made with the Kiroro Resort after you’ve booked your accommodation.

Otherwise catch a taxi from Otaru to Kiroro. The trip takes about 40 minutes, with a cost of approximately 8,000 yen.

From Niseko to Kiroro

Kiroro is only a 1 hour drive from Niseko ski resort, so Kiroro is a perfect day trip to get away from the Niseko crowds.

One option is to catch a train from Kutchan (or Niseko) to Otaru which takes about 80 minutes. From Otaru you can catch a bus or taxi (as outlined above).

Alternatively, if you want a guide to show you the good spots, you can take a guided day tour at Kiroro which includes transport from Niseko.

Or Niseko Ground Service provides a morning bus from Niseko to Kiroro. Or if you have a group or for multi-day stays, you might want a private transfer between Niseko and Kiroro (in drop down menu).  

Getting Around Kiroro

Kiroro has two main areas: the base of the ski resort; and The Kiroro Hotel.

The ski resort has the Sheraton Hotel at the base and the interconnected Resort Center which houses various facilities.

About 10-15 minutes walk down the hill is The Kiroro (a Tribute Portfolio Hotel) and Kiroro Town, a small strip of shops, restaurants and facilities that couldn’t really be described as a “town”. The kids’ Snow Park is located next to The Kiroro.

It’s easy enough to walk around either of the areas, but to get between the zones you can catch the complimentary Kiroro shuttle bus. The ride only takes 3 minutes and the shuttles run on a continuous loop, although later in the evening the schedules are less regular.

Plans are afoot to add condos near The Kiroro and then connect the lower area to the slopes via a gondola.

Other Ski Resorts Nearby

Road distances from Kiroro:

Guided Day Trips

Another option of getting to Kiroro is to stay in Niseko and jump on one of the many guided day-trips to Kiroro. Most companies only offer this service to private groups (in other words you can't join a group as a solo/couple) so you will need to get a group of 4 - 6 together to make it financially viable.

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