Travel Tips for Canada Ski Trip

Rossland near Red Mountain
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Check road conditions before heading out
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The scenery near Banff is beautiful
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Banff is a beautiful Canadian ski town
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Ski Canada
Canada is a beautiful country
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Lake Louise Canada
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Whistler has vibrant nightlife
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Travel Tips for Canada Ski Trip

Here are a few travel hints and tips for skiing in Canada.

Resort Etiquette

The culture in Canadian ski resorts is incredibly polite, and all skiers and snowboarders are expected to obey the alpine code. For example, when entering a trail or run or starting downhill, always look uphill and give way to others. In lift queues, extreme politeness is expected, and elbows that may be acceptable at Austria ski resorts are far from OK in Canada. 

Money and Banking Facilities

The currency is the Canadian dollar (CAD). You will not have any trouble accessing cash, with international networked ATMs (ie Cirrus, Maestro etc) in many locations in cities and the resorts. Credit cards are also readily accepted.

You’ll need to be aware of the Canadian terminology of loonies ($1 coin) and toonies ($2 coin).
A Harmonised Sales Tax (HST) (combination of the Goods & Services Tax and the Provincial Services Tax, except in Alberta), is applicable to all transport, accommodation, restaurant meals and other merchandise. Generally these taxes are not inclusive within price tags, or quoted prices, so you’ll need to factor this in before you get a nasty surprise at the cash register.

Non-resident visitors can get a refund on taxes paid for short-term accommodation and merchandise such as ski gear or clothing, but there are many exceptions including meals and beverages. Keep all receipts for purchases over $100, and you’ll find lots of application forms in shops that provide detailed instructions on the process for obtaining a refund.

Tipping is expected in restaurants, at a rate of about 10-20 percent. Tips are usually also provided to cab drivers, hotel attendants, room cleaners and bar staff.

Other Canada Travel Tips

  • All tap water in Canada is fine to drink. 
  • Electrical plugs are the same as USA. 
  • See the world clock for the time in various Canadian cities. 
  • The country dialling code is +1. 
For tips on what to pack on a Canada ski holiday, have a look at the Powderhounds ski trip packing checklist.

Canada is a fairly safe country to travel in. Of course, it always pays to be careful with your personal belongings.