Facilities & Services


Facilities & Services

British Columbia Ski Tour
Marmot Basin has very good services and amenities for skiers and snowboarders, with most facilities housed in the day lodge at the base of the ski area.

Jasper Ski Rentals

Marmot Basin has a very large and well organised equipment rental area and they have a good range of standard performance and demo skis and snowboards. You can store your rental equipment overnight so you don’t have to take it up and down the mountain each day. As there is only a 15 minute drop-off area at the base and no car parking, it is a bit clunky to pick up and drop off ski and snowboard rental equipment.

There are also a few Jasper ski rental and snowboard hire outlets in town.

Marmot Basin Ski and Snowboard School

The Marmot Basin ski school offers the full gamut of ski and snowboard lessons including group and private lessons, first timer to double black diamond tours, kids and adults, and an adaptive program. Many of the snowboard and ski lessons can be packaged up to include equipment rentals and lift tickets.

Kids group lessons are available from ages 4 and up. Group snowboard lessons start at age 6. Kids ski school can be a half day program or the full day including the lunch hour, so parents can stay out and play.

Facilities for Children

Marmot Basin has child care available in hourly, half day or full day formats, and it’s reasonably inexpensive relative to some of the high profile Canadian ski resorts.

The Marmot Basin nursery is able to provide child care for kids aged 19 months to 6 years. For 4 and 5 year old children, a full day package can include ski lessons and ski rentals.

Eating On Mountain

Marmot Basin used to have a rep for pretty poor food offerings. So thankfully along with plenty of other ski resort improvements, the food options have improved somewhat, but this is not the place to come if you’re looking for fine dining.

The Caribou Chalet is located at the base of the ski resort. It has a large self-serve cafeteria and a little coffee shop, and brown baggers seem to just spread themselves around wherever they please. Adjacent to the coffee shop is the bar and grill where there’s table service and a decent range of pub fare and drinks. Après-ski festivities tend to spill out onto the deck only in the latter part of the season when the temps are manageable.

Mid-mountain is the combined Paradise and Eagle Chalets where there is a cafeteria and a bar for some bevvies (including hot toddies when you need to warm up from the inside). There are tables outside for fine days.

Jasper Ski Shops

The Outer Limits Retail Store at Marmot Basin Ski Resort has a decent range of outerwear, but as to be expected for a day ski area, the main focus is on ski and snowboard accessories such as helmets, googles, beanies, and gloves. And for when the temps are super cold, the shop has a huge range of buffs, thick neck gaiters, glove inners and extra layers to keep you warm. The Marmot Basin shop also has various ski resort souvenirs.

In town there are various Jasper ski shops and snowboard stores that sell hardwear as well as other ski and snowboard gear.