Facilities & Services


Facilities & Services

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Canyons at Park City has world class facilities and services to cater for those on a ski or snowboard vacation. The small Canyons Village houses most of the resort facilities and amenities. Other facilities are located up at the mid-mountain Red Pine Lodge.

Canyons Ski Rental Shops

As is pretty typical for most resorts, you can make significant savings when you pre-book your Canyons ski rentals and snowboard rentals.

The main option for Canyons ski rentals is with the large Canyon Mountain Sports in the main part of the village. In addition to premium ski and snowboard gear, they also have a demo program where you can try before you buy and apply your rental charges towards the purchase price. Rental rates are towards the upper end.

Aloha Ski and Snowboard Rental also have a location in the Canyons village, and they charge more for equipment rentals at Canyons than they do in their Park City shop.

There are also many other Park City ski rental shops, as well as options for delivery services where you can sort out your equipment needs from the comfort of your condo or hotel room.

For kids 4-6, the Cats ski school program can rent out ski equipment from their location next to the Grand Summit Hotel opposite the ski beach.

Canyons Ski School

The Park City ski school at Canyons is very large and provides a full range of ski and snowboard programs for children and adults from novices up to experts.

The ski school now has a meeting point in the village (at the ski beach), which is particularly convenient for parents to drop the kids off for lessons.

The Canyons ski school provides full day group lessons for kids aged 4 to 12. The Cats program (ski or snowboard) is for ages 4-6 and the Carvers program is for ages 7-12. For teens there are special camps during certain periods of the season.

Group adult lessons are also available in full day programs for levels 1-9.

Most of the ski and snowboard group lessons are very expensive (especially relative to the non-Park City ski resorts), which is made worse by the absence of lessons shorter than a full day. The upside is that class sizes are very small.

Private lessons are also very expensive and only come in 3 hour time slots or full day programs.

Child Care and Babysitting

The Little Adventures Children’s Center in the Grand Summit Hotel is a state licensed facility providing child care for ages 6 weeks to 6 years. They run a variety of half day or full day programs to provide age appropriate activities. Prices for the childcare are pretty standard for Utah ski resorts, but if you add in a one hour private ski lesson (only for ages 2-6) the rates escalate substantially.

Alternatively there are various Park City babysitting services that can provide in-room care, and quite a few of the Canyons hotels can organise this.

Eating On Mountain

The large Red Pine Lodge is the main hub of the ski resort and it has a cafeteria with fairly typical tray service food. For sunny days, there is plenty of outdoor seating to catch some rays, but on cold days it can get pretty crowded indoors, so get there early or late, or avoid it all together.

The Sun Lodge is a meat-lovers joy, and as the name implies, there is plenty of sun on the deck where you can also BYO.

The new Cloud Nine lodge has an upscale modern cafeteria with outdoor seating to take in the views. The food is lovely but it’s rather expensive, and on the day we visited perhaps they were saving money by not turning on the heating?

Other possibilities for lunch on the hill include the Tombstone Grill or the Dreamscape Grill. Generally these outdoor grills are great places to avoid the lunchtime crowds.

The upmarket Lookout Cabin has table service, and as the name suggests, the restaurant offers spectacular views. It has innovative menu items and an extensive wine list, but it can be difficult to visit on a whim without a reservation.