Solitude Shopping

Solitude Shopping

British Columbia Ski Tour
The Solitude shopping opportunities are very limited, but adequate for the absolute basics.

Solitude Ski Shop

There are two Canyon Fever Retail Shops, one located in the Moonbeam Lodge and the other in the Eagle Springs West condo building in the village. Both are small ski shops with limited ski and snowboard clothing and accessories such as gloves, helmets, goggles and socks. The Solitude shops also sell various Solitude souvenirs including hoodies, t-shirts, teddy bears and other trinkets.

Otherwise there are various snowboard and ski shops on the outskirts of Salt Lake City near the mouths to the Cottonwood canyons.


For groceries, there is a small store at the village condo check-in building. It sells some of the essentials like toiletries, laundry powder, sunscreen, snacks and other sundries. The shop also has a limited range of alcoholic beverages.

Substantial grocery purchases will need to be made in Salt Lake City prior to arrival, or alternatively there is a grocery delivery service available via the general store but it attracts a pretty hefty fee.