Salt Lake City Restaurants & Bars

Salt Lake City Restaurants & Bars

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Salt Lake City Restaurants

Once upon a time Salt Lake City had the reputation of being Hicksville when it came to dining opportunities. In the past the cuisine in SLC could have been characterised as steaks or burgers, but now Salt Lake City has evolved into a cosmopolitan city with a wide variety of restaurant choices.

There are many Salt Lake City restaurants across the valley and in downtown that have cuisine varying from fine dining to pub grub. Traditional American cuisine still dominates the restaurant scene, but SLC also has many restaurants with international fare including Thai, Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Italian, Middle Eastern, and Mexican (if you call that international!).

And the best thing is that you can even get a drink in the restaurants now. However this is Utah, so don’t expect any BYO restaurants! 

SLC Nightlife

Salt Lake City used to have a reputation of being a dry city, but the ridiculous Utah liquor laws have eased up. The misconception that you can’t get a drink in SLC is completely unfounded. Now that the locals and tourists can get a drink, they are making up for lost time and the nightlife has become very vibrant.

Across downtown and the suburbs of SLC are many pubs and microbreweries. The city has a range of other night spots including martini bars, cocktail lounges, piano bars, live music, jazz clubs, and night clubs. There are even “gentleman’s clubs” but SLC is still a far cry from Las Vegas – thankfully!