Mt Rose Facilities

Mt Rose Facilities

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Mt. Rose has two day lodges that house the ski resort facilities and services. The Main Lodge is very old school, and during the holidays it’s often bursting at the seams. Main Lodge is the base for the very reputable ski school which includes an excellent kids’ program. Equipment rentals and a cafeteria are also located here. Main Lodge is located on the Rose side of the hill (the side that has beginner terrain).

The smaller Winters Creek Lodge is reasonably new and provides a good fuel stop for those riding on the Slide side of the Mt. Rose ski resort.

Mt Rose Ski Rentals

The Mt Rose ski rental shop is located in the Main Lodge, with a decent line of ski and snowboard rental equipment. Rental rates are very reasonable relative to the high profile Tahoe ski resorts, and free overnight storage is available for multi-day rentals.

Other options for Mt Rose ski rentals include Incline Village ski shops and the equipment rental outlet at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. There is also a ski shop on the road up from Reno and a few Reno ski and snowboard shops.

Mt Rose Shop Main Lodge houses a small retail shop that sells basic snow outerwear (jackets and pants), and ski and snowboard accessories such as gloves, beanies, and goggles. The Mt Rose shop also has a range of Mt. Rose logo-wear hoodies and T-shirts and a few sundries.

Facilities for Children

There are no child care facilities at Mt Rose.

Mt Rose Ski and Snowboard School

The Mt. Rose ski school is based at Main Lodge.

Kids aged 3 can have private ski lessons, whilst children ages 4 and up can participate in 2-hour (morning or afternoon) group ski lessons, and ages 7 to 10 can have snowboard lessons.

For ages 11+, there are 2 hour group lessons available in the morning and afternoon. Mt Rose also offers a range of other development programs and clinics.

Eating On Mountain

At Main Lodge there is a very large cafeteria selling typical ski resort cafeteria fare. The prices for food are very reasonable, especially if you compare them to the outrageous prices found at places like nearby Northstar. It has a large seating area, but particularly on weekends, there are an abundance of ski moms that monopolise the tables so good luck finding a seat!

Adults can take their food into the pub next door. The bar can get rather festive during weekend après ski sessions, and sometimes they have some live music. The Winters Creek Lodge on the Slide side of the resort has a modern cafeteria. Huge floor to ceiling windows provide amazing views up the slopes from the indoor seating, or you can enjoy the vistas sans glass on sunny days from the large deck. The Winters Creek Lodge also has a lovely adults-only bar area.


Besides the skiing and snowboarding at the resort, there aren’t too many other activities in the area.

There are snowshoeing trails adjacent to the upper parking lot near Main Lodge, and snowshoes can be rented from the equipment rental shop in Main Lodge.

Further up the road near the Mt Rose summit, there are cross country trails, and it’s also a very popular area for snow play.