Facilities & Services


Facilities & Services

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Even though it portrays itself otherwise, Bridger Bowl has all the facilities one would expect from a large commercial ski resort and then some, plus it supports the ‘brown-baggers’ (those bringing their own lunch) by providing microwave ovens in both base lodges.

Services include cheap daily ski and bag check (plus an overnight storage service) and lockers, plus major lodge facilities with lots of seating and tables and outdoor verandas, plus ample car parking within easy reach of the base area, plus a range of eateries and bars.

Eating On Mountain

Four on mountain lodges provide food and drinks. Three of the lodges are at the resort base area and include the Jim Bridger Lodge, the Saddle Peak Lodge, and the privately run Alpine Cabin. The Deer Park Chalet is the only one higher on the mountain and is an excellent option for those that don’t wish to waste time heading down the beginner runs to the base area.

The food at all locations is standard ski resort fare, and whilst it isn’t inspiring, it is better than average, relatively cheap (what isn’t on this hill?!) and will fill the hole splendidly. The range of grub includes chicken breast fillet in a roll, taco salad, fully loaded potato with chilli, brew fries (mmmmm....brew fries), sandwiches, dodgy pizza slices, hamburgers, chilli, nachos, soups, bratwursts, salad, yoghurt (gasp!), fruit (double gasp!!), hot and cold drinks.

We recommend eating lunch at the Deer Park Chalet or Grizzly Ridge to avoid the crush of parents & children table hogging at the other two base lodges. Curse these family friendly ski resorts!

Be aware that in the two main base lodges, despite signage to discourage it, the locals appear to ‘claim’ all the best tables by placing all manner of bags, coolers and other gear in, on and around the tables and then going skiing for a few hours, leaving the tables empty (except for their gear of course). There aren’t too many major ski hills in the world where you can get away with that!

Facilities for Children

I can hear the sounds of triumph and relief from parents all over that come to Bridger Bowl in the full knowledge that they can dump their 18 month to 6 year olds in Bridger’s Playcare and then ski without a worry in the world. Options include Playcare with Skiing for 4 to 6 year olds. Facilities are located in the excellent Saddle Peak Lodge.

Bridger Bowl Ski School

The Bridger Bowl Snowsports School has a massive range of options for all levels of snow riders from age 4 and up. Of particular interest to all those season pass holders are the multi week programs. For experts not familiar with the mountain that want to get to know the Ridge terrain with a minimum of fuss, the school has a Ridge Guides program which provides a guide and safety equipment.

Equipment Rental

Two well stocked gear rental locations are in the Jim Bridger Lodge and the Round House at the base area. Avalanche transceivers, shovels and probes are for rent for those that want to get into the expert terrain (make sure you know how to use it).