Food & Nightlife

Food & Nightlife

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Keystone has restaurants that are suitable for families, those seeking fine dining, or those on a budget. There are various bars for après, and nightlife is sort of existent, but don't expect Keystone to be a party town.

Keystone Restaurants

A variety of eateries exist at Keystone ski resort, from the cheap and tasty, to the mediocre, to the expensive fine dining experience with all the trimmings. However for such a huge resort with so much accommodation, there are probably fewer restaurants than you would expect.

Getting a decent breakfast in Keystone is a little challenging. In River Run Village give Inxpot a try. They have cereals, wraps, bagels, muffins and coffee all reasonably priced with a great atmosphere as it is part of a bookshop. Jays Café is also good for a breakfast of cheap oatmeal, croissants and ciabattas with eggs and all the trimmings & coffee. Otherwise there’s always Starbucks.

If not eating lunch on the hill, the Inxpot and Jays Cafe are also good lunch options, as is Parrot Eyes (see below).

Dinner is where the fun begins and the options expand. Here are a few worth trying.

Paisanos (River Run Village) serves dinner later than most other places in the village. It features great food, cheap prices, and top service. This is our pick for best in resort when it comes to value for money.

Alpenglow Stube (The Outpost near North Peak) – Wow! This is a truly fine dining experience. It’s even fun getting there, but you must not think of what it costs. Some things are simply worth doing at least once. You take two gondolas to get there (blankets are provided – take them!). Entering the classical Bavarian inspired interior you can swap your shoes for some comfy woollen slippers, and away you go. Set menus are the norm and a full multi course degustation will set you back a pretty penny.

Kickapoo (River Run Village as you cross the bridge from the gondola base) has a funny name (!!) and great pub nosh at reasonable prices.

Avoid the Rock Wolf Brewing Company. It promises so much and delivers so little.

Keystone Nightlife & Bars

If staying in the River Run Village, après is best enjoyed at the following establishments:
  • Summit House (top of Dercum Mountain) - if downloading on the gondola; 
  • Kickapoo - they even ask 40 year olds for ID, how cute (and flattering); 
  • Parrot Eyes (River Run Village) for a dose of margaritas and basic Mexican food; 
  • The Last Lift Bar at Mountain House is another après favourite.
For nightlife, Parrot Eyes is worth a look and it has live music on some nights. The Snake River Saloon and The Goat Tavern on Highway 6 (accessible via the local bus shuttle) have got various local accolades for being spanking places to have a grog and a feed with live music most nights.