Nevados de Chillan Activities

Nevados de Chillan Activities

Nevados de Chillan Activities

Nevados de Chillan has an advantage over all other ski resorts in Chile. Not only is there great skiing and snowboarding at Nevados de Chillan when all the lifts are open, but there is also a good range of non-skiing activities on offer.

Nevados de Chillan Ski Tours and Activities

On good weather days and when they feel like it, the Nevados de Chillan resort offers guided cat ski runs in the terrain above the ski resort.

On really fine weather days there is sometimes offers heli skiing in an area that’s not too far from the resort (so close that you could easily skin there). The Nevados de Chillan heli skiing program consists of 3 drops and it’s reasonably priced (which you’d expect considering that the helicopter doesn’t have to fly too far).

Nevados de Chillan has a network of groomed trails for Nordic skiing (randonnee) that weave through the trees. You can either DIY or the Hotel Termas de Chillan offers guided cross country ski tours as part of the activities program.

Adventure Activities

For those with an adventurous spirit there are various activities such as rock climbing and paintball. Down at the base of the ski area is the howling dog sledding and snowmobiling. These tours are only short so they won’t break the bank.

For an incredibly cheap activity for the kids (or crazy adults), go tobogganing. Buy a toboggan in Las Trancas at one of the roadside huts.

Relaxation – Thermal Baths and Day Spa

It wasn’t called Termas de Chillan for nothing! Thanks to all the nearby geothermal activity, after a hard day of skiing or boarding at Nevados de Chillan, you can ease the pain with a soak in one of the many thermal pools around the resort.

The strangely named Water Park is located adjacent to the Hotel Alto Nevados, which consists of 4 lovely natural thermal pools of different temperatures. There is a bar at the bottom pool, and when we visited they had the music absolutely blaring, even though no one else was there – not particularly relaxing! Admission to these hot springs is complimentary for guests of the Hotel Alto Nevados.

The hot springs at the Hotel Termas de Chillan are complimentary for overnight guests, and the pools are also open to the public for a small fee. There is an indoor pool that emerges into a delightful outdoor hot pool. It is absolutely beautiful to lie in one of the recliners, soak in the soothing effects of the pool and simultaneously soak in the views of the mountain. The termas at the hotel are treated with chlorine which seems to detract a little from the authenticity of the thermal springs, but at least you know the water is clean. 

After you’ve marinated yourself in the hot springs at the Hotel Termas de Chillan, we’d highly recommend a day spa treatment to rejuvenate the body you’ve battered on the slopes. The hotel offers a huge range of massages and treatments, and the warm and tranquil environment of the day spa is in complete contrast to the cold weather and gnarly runs outside. The staff are very professional and the beautiful décor starts at the entrance and extends to nice touches such as decorative bowls on the floor under the nose hole of the treatment plinths.

The wellness spa at the Water Park also offers massages and facials, and because there are a few establishments that offer massages, the prices are reasonably competitive.

Activities at the Hotel Termas de Chillan

Guests staying at the Hotel have a daily program of included activities. There are many things to do for adults and kids of different ages - dancing, yoga, aqua-fitness, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, night skiing, karaoke and stretching. The hotel can also arrange other activities at the resort.

The hotel has a medium sized gymnasium. I often wonder why a gym is required at a ski resort when skiing and boarding should provide all the exercise you need. However considering all the culinary delights on offer at the Shangri-La Restaurant, a workout in the gym prior to skiing might be required!